Illamasqua Gleam Cream - Flex

I have spoken about Illamasqua before, they are a brand I really enjoy both because of their great quality makeup and because of their fantastic philosophy. I have a very small collection of their products and I realised I havent reviewed most of them! So the next few days are going to be all about Illamasqua! Yay! Todays focus will be on their Gleam Cream in Flex.

Illamasqua Collection
My very humble collection.

Gleam Cream in Flex:

Gleam Cream in Flex
This has definitely become my go-to highlighter. The formulation feels like a very light fluid, so the word "cream" in the product name could be a little deceiving. I love the simplicity of the packaging, it is hygienic as well as making it easy to dispense the exact amount required (which is only a drop!).

Gleam Cream - Flex

Unfortunately I was unable to capture the sheen of colours running through this magic little liquid in photos, but depending on the light there is a pinky/peachy/blue duochrome sheen. This is defintely not glittery, and even describing it as shimmer seems too chunky a word.

Gleam Cream - Flex (blended)
I know this looks like a strange lump of flesh - I assure you, it is my hand!

When blended, this beautiful illuminator just disappears into the skin, leaving the softest glow behind. I tried to capture this in the above picture. The effect is very subtle, but you can see the slight shine on the back of my hand.

I use my Gleam Cream exclusively as a highlighter, however it can also be used all over the face or blended with foundation to give a beautiful dewy glow to your skin - I use foundations with extra dewy glowiness as a general rule, so haven't tried this trick. As a highlighter I find it lasts on my skin all day and generally gives me that feeling of "pretty" (and who doesn't need a bit of that every day?).

I have to be honest, I really can't remember the price of this bottle of awesome, but I vaguely remember it being $50 or $60 on counter in MYER. It can also be ordered from for 23 pounds.


I have no affiliation with Illamasqua and have not been remunerated for this review. This product was purchased by me. My loyalty is to my readers and all opinions are my own.