What Does The Fox Say Makeup Tutorial


I love a good forest friend (I saw my first hedgehog in the wild last weekend – SO EXCITING!), and thanks to my 5 year old daughter, I’ve been listening to far too much “What does the fox say”. It seemed to make sense to do a fox inspired look for Halloween this year.

I’ve kept this look simple and easy to achieve so anyone with any level of technical skill should be able to have a foxy Halloween.


You will need:

  • Facepaint in white, orange, brown and black.
  • Black eyeliner pencil.
  • Eyeshadow in brown and black
  • Optional: White foundation, black lipstick
  1. Use a wet latex wedge sponge to apply a sheer layer of white facepaint (or white foundation) to the bottom half of your face. Begin at your nose and work outwards to emulate the lay of a foxes facial hair.
  2. Rinse the sponge and use it to apply a sheer layer of orange facepaint to the top half of your face. Begin at your eyes and work outwards to emulate the lay of a foxes facial hair.
  3. Use a fine brush to simulate hairs along the line where the orange and white paint meet, from the outer corner of your eyes to your temples, and down either side of your nose. When doing your nose, start quite wide (close to the inner corner of your eyes) and work inward, to create the illusion of a fox snout.
  4. Take a black eyeliner pencil and line your eyes, inside your waterline and along both lashlines. The liner should curve down to meet the brown facepaint on your nose and wing out to meet the brown facepaint on the outside corner of your eyes. Use a tiny dense brush to smudge this liner out to create a smoother finish.
  5. Pack some black eyeshadow onto your eyes and use a fluffy brush to blend it out to create a smoky eye effect. At this point you can add mascara if you want to (I didn’t bother).
  6. Use a thin brush to wing some white facepaint from near the inner corners of your eyes upwards to break up the flat orange. Apply a more opaque layer of white facepaint to the area between your top lip and nose.
  7. Use black facepaint to draw in a small black nose, a black like to your top lip and your entire top lip (hint: if you have black lipstick, use this on your top lip – water based facepaint and lips don’t work very well together).
  8. Use a fluffy brush to buff some dark brown eyeshadow over the brown “hair” you have drawn in, over both eyebrows, and along your hairline. Use a fine brush and some brown facepaint to draw in whiskers.

Here’s the video, just because I know you’re singing it in your head right now…

Complete the look:

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If you rock the foxy look this Halloween, please share some pictures with me – link them in the comments or tag me on social media – I’d love to see your interpretation.

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