Wantable Makeup Box October 2013

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Beauty sample subscription boxes – they’re a worldwide phenomenon. Almost everyone has heard of them, and I know many, many women who have subscribed at one time or another.

Recently, I have noticed a new wave of subscription boxes, that offer a higher level of personalisation, and sit within more specific niches. One example of this type of niche subscription service is Wantable.

Wantable is a US based business, however the really exciting thing is that they will ship to both Canada and Australia! This is an amazing way for us Aussies to get our hands on premium, hard to find brands at an affordable price.

From what I can see on their website, Wantable offers 4 types of subscription boxes – Makeup, Accessories, Intimates and Holiday. The niche Makeup offering was especially appealing to me, as I adore trying new makeup brands, but don’t like to experiment with skincare or haircare. I also appreciate that with the Makeup box, you receive 4-5 full sized, premium makeup products, so you don’t have to question the value of receiving samples.

When you sign up for a Wantable Box, there’s a fairly extensive survey to complete, covering off the types of products you would love to receive, like to receive and those products you would not like to receive. You have the option of delving even deeper into this survey to advise on the type of formulas you love, like and dislike (so you may love powder blush, but hate cream blush – you can share this preference.) The Wantable team then guarantee that you will most likely receive products you love, but you will never receive products you dislike. You can see my preferences below.

Wantable 3

My Wantable box arrive approximately 2 weeks after I placed my order (it may have been a little sooner, as I didn’t check my PO Box for about a week).

It arrived very securely packed, full of foam to ensure the safety of the products inside.

Wantable 4

My box contiained 4 full sized products and one sample. Of the full sized products, three were from my “love” list, and one was from my “like” list.

Wantable 5

29 Cosmetics Reserve Moisturising Lipstick in Smokin’ Cab – RRP $25.00 USD

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 1

The first product I pulled out of my Wantable box was a lipstick from 29 Cosmetics – a brand I had never heard of until now.

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 2

This definitely feels like an ultra-premium product. The metal packaging has a nice weight to it, and the lid closes with a satisfying click.

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 6

The colour I was sent is “Smokin’ Cab”, a rich red wine colour, perfect for creating a dramatic, vampy lip.

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 7

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 8

The formula is incredibly creamy and comfortable to wear, and it definitely leaves my lips feeling more hydrated than before application.

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 9

I would, however, recommend applying this over a lip pencil, as it does not have a particularly long wear time. I would also recommend using a lip brush to apply this lipstick, as the creamy formula makes it difficult to achieve a crisp, clean lipline straight from the bullet.

29 Cosmetics Lipstick 10

The other alternative is to apply this as a stain. It’s an easy way to wear this colour when you know you’re going to be eating, or you’re looking for something a little lighter and more spring-like.

Cailyn Cosmetics Gelux Eyebrow in Hazelnut – RRP $22.00 USD

Cailyn Eyebrow Gel 1

This little pot of eyebrow product comes presented in a style of packaging I am typically associate with gel eyeliner. It’s a plastic packaging that I generally dislike, as it feels a little bit cheap to me.

Cailyn Eyebrow Gel 2

Having said that, this has quickly become my new favourite brow product! The gel texture is much stiffer than a traditional gel eyeliner, and is the perfect colour for my brows.

Cailyn Eyebrow Gel 3

The included angle brush is a little softer than I am used to using to do my brows, but works perfectly well with this particular product.

Cailyn Eyebrow Gel 4

I have found that using this brow gel, I am able to achieve both a very dramatic, defined brow, or a much softer, more natural brow that does not budge at all until I remove it with my micellar water.

Manna Kadar Cream Blush in Sweet Cheeks – RRP $19.00 USD

Manna Cream Blush 1

The packaging on the Manna Kadar cream blush does not feel particularly premium to me, rather it feels practical and servicable. It’s a simple screw-top pot that serves it’s funtion well without feeling luxurious.

Manna Cream Blush 2

The blush contained within smells divine, like a rich vanilla dessert.

Manna Cream Blush 3

I really enjoy the formula, it is creamy without feeling oily, and has just the right amount of “slip”. I’ve also been able to use this successfully over liquid, cream and powder foundation.

Manna Cream Blush 4

It is very highly pigmented, and I need to be careful not to use too much on my very fair skin – the first time I used it, I gave myself clown cheeks!

Michael Marcus Nail Polish in Blood Red – RRP $15.00 USD

Michael Marcus Polish 1

The last full-size product I received in my Wantable box is this Michael Marcus nail polish in Blood Red.

Michael Marcus Polish 2

The bottle is absolutely stunning, and definitely makes this feel like a premium product from the minute you open the box. The formula itself is lovely as well, with a great flow, making it very easy to apply. I actually thought this much be an “old-school” nail polish formula (containing formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene – all toxic chemicals) because of how lovely it was to apply. I was very surprised to read that it is in fact “Big 3 Free”.

Michael Marcus Polish 3

As far as the colour goes, the name of this is very misleading. This is not in fact anything like a blood red. It’s a bright cherry red, and a colour I am very glad to have in my collection.

I also received a sample of Lise Watier cream eyeshadows that I have not yet experimented with.

Lise Watier Sample

The total retail value of the products in this box is $81.00USD. Every product feels either luxuriously premium, or at least professional quality.

I really enjoyed experimenting with 4 great quality brands that I had never heard of before, and each and every product I received will be used and loved in my collection.

The price of a Wantable Makeup box is $36.00 if you sign up for a monthly subscription, or $40 to purchase a one-off box.

Will I be signing up for a Wantable subscription? Yes I will. What sets this apart for me? It’s makeup exclusive and contains full-size products from premium brands that are not readily available in Australia, all at a price that I feel is very reasonable.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see monthly break-downs of the products I have received in my Wantable subscription.

Sign up for your very own Wantable box HERE.

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*This Wantable box was received for editorial consideration, however I am paying for my own subscription. This post contains referral links – if you purchase a box or a subscription through my links, I will receive a discount on my own subscription.

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