Urban Decay Smoked Palette – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

The Urban Decay Smoked Palette is a compact collection of 10 complementary shades designed to help you create the perfect smoky eye.

Smoked Palette 3

As well as the 10 shadows, this palette also comes with a full size 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Perversion (blackest black) and a miniature Eyeshadow Primer Potion (one of the best on the market). To help you put your look together, it also comes with a booklet jam-packed with ideas for fun and creative smoky eye looks for all occasions.


Urban Decay is possibly my all-time favourite eyeshadow brand, so my expectations for this palette were high.


1 Kinky

Kinky is a very pale matte cream colour. While the texture is very smooth and buttery, the pigmentation is light to medium. It makes the perfect brow highlight shade for when you don’t want it to look like you have an obvious brow highlight.

1 Kinky Swatch


2 Freestyle

Freestyle is a matte eyeshadows that sits somewhere between a medium flesh-tone, and the palest warm brown. It has a beautiful buttery texture, and in my opinion is the perfect colour to blend into my crease before I start working with darker more pigmented colours. A colour like this is incredibly important in a smoky eye palette, because it helps to keep everything looking blended, with no harsh lines.

2 Freestyle Swatch


3 Mushroom

Mushroom photographed much greyer than it appears in real life. It is a super shimmery warm grey-taupe shade, and the pigmentation is incredible. This is a lovely colour to create a day-appropriate smoky eye.

3 Mushroom Swatch


4 Backdoor

Backdoor is a matte espresso brown shadow. It is very smooth and sily in texture and the pigmentation is medium. This is another good shade to work into a day-appropriate smoky eye, either to smoke out the lashline, or to add depth to the crease.

4 Backdoor Swatch


5 Blackout

Blackout is a deep sooty black shadow with a matte finish. The pigmentation is medium, which in my opinion places it far above MAC carbon, but nowhere near as black as the NYX or Sleek black eyeshadows. It’s a good shade for a traditional old-fashioned smoky eye

5 Blackout Swatch


6 Barlust

Barlust is a shimmery chocolate brown with a beautiful creamy texture. The pigmentation level is very high.

6 Barlust Swatch


7 Rockstar

Rockstar is a shimmery blackened warmish purple with a beautifully creamy texture. The pigmentation level is very high.

7 Rockstar Swatch


8 Evidence

Evidence is a metallic blackened blue with a silky texture. The pigmentation level is high, but not as high as the other shimmer shades in this palette.

8 Evidence Swatch


9 Loaded

Loaded is a shimmery blackened emerald green with a deliciously creamy texture. The pigmentation level is very high.

9 Loaded Swatch


10 Asphalt

Asphalt is a shimmery gunmetal grey with a beautiful creamy texture. The pigmentation level is very high.

10 Asphalt Swatch

Ease of application:

Most of the shadows in this palette are incredibly pigmented, which can make them more prone to “running away” – a notorious problem when creating a smoky eye. My recommendation to get around this would be to start with the brow highlight (Kinky) and crease base (Freestyle), then SLOWLY use the darker colours, starting at your lashline and working out.

My only other comment on the ease of application would be to suggest caution when blending out Rockstar, Evidence and Loaded. Due to their blackeed base, if you overblend these shades they can start to look muddy.


When applied over an appropriate base (e.g. Urban Decay Primer Potion), these shadows easily last all day and into the night.


Smoked Palette 1

The Urban Decay Smoked palette is presented in a nylon covered zip up palette with the title and brand embossed into it.

Smoked Palette 2_0

The interior of the palette is heavy-duty cardboard. It has a large mirror to assist with on-the-go makeup application.

What they say:

39780_smokedpaletteThis is the smoky eye done the UD way: a true range of shades (Neutral mattes! Shimmering jewel tones!) for a range of smoky looks.

Available from:

Sephora US

BeautyBay (worldwide)


$49.00USD; Current price on BeautyBay $45.02AUD
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