Ulta3 Lipsticks – Review, Photos, Swatches


I was sent 8 of these lipsticks to trial, and the pigmentation varied widely from lipstick to lipstick. I’ll break them down by colour.

​005 Green Magic

When I first saw the tube of Green Magic lipstick, I was so excited. My thoughts went something along the line of “Green lipstick? GREEN LIPSTICK? I can TOTALLY get behind a brand that makes a green lipstick!”. My excitement about the colour of this lipstick was soon to be replaced by sweet childhood nostalgia. If you’re a child of the 80’s, I’m sure you’ll share my excitement when I show you what happened when I swatched this greem lipstick across the back of my hand:


The lipstick applied sheerly, with a pinky-purple tint that slowly deepened into a highlighter-pink shade – just like the magic lipstick of my childhood.

Here it is on my lips:

It’s very pretty, but I do warn you, this stuff stains like you wouldn’t believe. After wiping this off, my hand and lips were stained a fluorescent pink for the next 36-odd hours. Here it is on my lips, after scrubbing them with a baby wipe:

​008 Onyx

Onyx is a straight-up black lipstick. Unfortunately the pigmentation left a lot to be desired, and it applied very unevenly.

011 Petal

Petal is my favourite shade from the range I have tried. It’s a pretty, somewhat sheer fuschia pink with some fairly obvious but ultra-fine blue microshimmer through it.

​016 Wet Red

In the tube, Wet Red looks like a yellow-based tomato red – not a shade that I am intrinsically drawn to. However when I swatched this shade, it became a straight-up blue based cherry red. Va va voom.

017 Voodoo

Voodoo is a rosy-brown shade with medium pigmentation and a very strong gold microshimmer running through it. It looks quite frosty on my lips.

​040 Coral Reef

Coral Reef is (surprise, surprise) a bright, almost fluorescent coral colour. It took about 3 swipes across my lips to achieve full pigmentation.

042 Timeless

Timeless is a nude-brown shade with yellow undertones, and a heavy dose of iced gold microshimmer. It has quite a frosty appearance.

​045 Firecracker

Firecracker is a dead-set safety vest orange lipstick that took me 4 swipes across my lips to achieve an opaque finish.

Ease of application:

This range of lipsticks all seem to apply quite sheerly on the first swipe. If you are happy to wear them sheer, then they are incredibly quick and easy to apply. If, however, you want to wear them as a more opaque lipstick, they do require some significant prep-work.

Because the lipstick formula is quite thin, the more you layer these lipsticks, the more you will experience bleeding into the fine lines around your lips. I recommend using both a lip-liner and a reverse lip-liner to avoid feathering and keep the lipstick where it belongs.


I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging of these lipsticks. Knowing Ulta3 to be a discount cosmetics brand, I would expect their lipsticks to reflect this with cheap, flimsy packaging.

While I wouldn’t describe this lipstick packaging as luxurious, these seem to me to possibly be the premium lipsticks from a cheaper range. The lids are a black gloss, with the brand name embossed in matte black along the length. The tube itself contains a “product-well” in the base, making it easy to select your desired shade at a glance. All-in-all, these lipsticks look much more sophisticated than what I have come to expect of Ulta3.

What they say:

Editors note:

I trialled these lipsticks, and put them into my editorial schedule before I realised that I had no press release for them, and I have been unable to locate them online. I am still posting this review, as I believe these lipsticks will be coming out shortly, and I will update this article when I have more pricing and distributor information.

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