Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette – review, photos, swatches

It started with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.Once considered the realm of “boring” and “practical”, a carefully curated selection of neutral toned eyeshadows has never been hotter than right now. There are countless neutral eyeshadow palettes on the market (and I think I own at least half of them!) Welcome to The Neutral Palette Diaries, the weekly series where I swatch the neutral palettes in my collection.

Pretty Rebel Palette Casing

Some would question my inclusion of the Pretty Rebel Palette in my neutral palette series, however, other than 2 stand-out feature shades, this is packed full of beautiful neutral shades.

The Pretty Rebel Palette is packaged in a sturdy cardboard palette with e very “bondage” gold and black design. Inside, it has a decent sized mirror, and 10 eyeshadows, labelled for easy reference.

Pretty Rebel Look Book

Like most Too Faced palettes, the Pretty Rebel Palette comes with a “look book” of suggested ways to use the palette.

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Look Book

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette

The Pretty Rebel Palette is a collection of 10 eyeshadows, 8 of which are very special neutrals with a twist, with a rich fuschia pink and a deep midnight blue to add a pop of colour to your look. Overall, this is a very shimmery palette, with 2 matte shades, 6 metallic shades and 2 glittery shades.

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette

Top Row:



Dainty is a creamy pale beige with a matte finish. It has very neutral fleshy undertones, making it an ideal brow highlight shade. It also works well to bend out harsh lines or neutralise an over enthusiastic application of darker eyeshadows. The texture is super smooth and velvety, and it has medium pigmentation.

Dainty Swatch



Charming is a dark espresso brown with a matte finish and a smooth creamy texture and intense pigmentation. It is a colour best suited to lining my eyes, or deepening my crease, but when mixed with Dainty, it can become a lovely transition colour or crease colour.

Charming Swatch



Girly is a truly special shade. It’s a rich red brown with a very strong teal green duochrome. It has intense pigmentation and feels creamy to the touch. It is a beautiful, complex shade on it’s own, or incorporated into a multi-shadow eye look.

Girly Swatch

Totally Fetch:

Totally Fetch

Totally Fetch is a shockingly bright fuschia with a pearlescent, metallic finish and strong blue undertones. It is creamy to the touch and offers medium to high pigmentation.

Totally Fetch Swatch

Miss Sparkles:

Miss Sparkles

Miss Sparkles is a rich, deep black matte shadow, liberally sprinkled with silver micro-glitter. Fortunately the glitter tends to stay put, and does not fall out particularly easily.

Miss Sparkles Swatch

Bottom Row:



Ringleader is a peachy champagne shade with a metallic finish and high pigmentation. Like virtually all the shades in this palette, it has a rich, creamy texture. It’s a beautiful lid shade, or a nice highlighter for tanned skin.

Ringleader swatch



Gangsta is a metallic chocolate brown with high pigmentation. It is smooth in texture and works well for a brown smoky eye.

Gangsta Swatch



Instigator is an antiqued gold with high pigmentation. It is very bright and metallic with a very smooth texture.

Instigator Swatch



Badass is a pearlescent midnight blue with a liberal dose of blue and silver micro-glitter. It is smooth and creamy and has medium pigmentation.

Badass Swatch



Jailbird is a bright, steely silver with a metallic finish. It is intensely pigmented with a rich, creamy texture.

Jailbird Swatch


Although quite warm in general, the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette has a great mix of shades that will work well for all skin tones and eye colours. I wouldn’t label this as a must-have palette, simply because some of the more unusual shades can be difficult to work with for the inexperienced makeup user, however it is a stunning addition to the makeup kit of any makeup enthusiast. I was quite honestly blow away with the quality of the shadows in this palette, and it is a versatlie little palette than can be used to create a variety of looks, from wearable to editorial.

I was under the impression that this was a limited edition palette, however I have been able to locate it online without too much difficulty. It is reduced across a nuber of sites, however, so if you’re interested, I would pick it up sooner rather than later.

Price: $66.00AUD; $46.00 USD

This palette was purchased by Makeup Utopia.

Let me know in the comments if there is a specific neutral palette you would like to see me review and swatch.

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