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Product Breakdown:

Both the 6-in-1 Professional Powder and the “Fake It” Bronzer are powder-based mineral makeup, with an accompanying double-ended eyeliner (brown one end and black on the other) and a simple, clear lip-gloss with a strawberry scent.

Here is the full kit:

Thin Lizzi 1

The major point of difference with this mineral makeup is the one-size-fits-all approach to the colour. The theory is that I could use this powder having the complexion of a newly opened ream of Reflex, and then hand it over to any olive-skinned or darker-skinned person and the powder would work just as well with their skin tones.


Thin Lizzi 2
Me wearing the 6-in-1 Professional Powder + Thin Lizzy lip gloss and brown eye liner.

The pigmentation here is incredible – there really are reflective particles in the makeup that create a glowing, but bronzed look (this is brown for me – it’s definitely the most tanned I’ve been in my life). I normally have a red forehead and nose, but this is reduced to a natural-looking blush here.

What the infomercials didn’t tell you is that the powder alone is not enough to achieve full coverage, so that you look like their before/after shots. I discovered this whilst watching the instructional DVD – they make a Thin Lizzy Waterproof Concealer that promises that extra coverage.

This is the result of overzealous application of powder that I thought would eradicate the small amount of acne on my jawline:
Thin Lizzi 3

Here you can see the dreaded foundation line on my neck, where I missed a spot when applying the 6-in-1 powder. This shows just how far I went before I realised I wasn’t going to get full coverage with just powder (call me an eternal optimist but I was ready to be wowed). Never mind, I should have used concealer to fix this.

Thin Lizzi 4

My right leg wearing the “Fake It” Bronzer (left is un-bronzed for comparison)

This bronzer gives my legs some colour, to match my more sun-exposed skin (such as face and arms). It’s impossible to photograph, but this adds a really lovely glow and has a much stronger concentration of reflective particles, as well as stronger pigmentation than the 6-in-1.

Ease of application:

This kit includes an instructional DVD to show you how to properly apply the 6-in-1 Professional Powder. It’s worth a watch for the hilarious cheesiness and the adorable accents.

This is a great tool for those (like me) who are total makeup rookies. There is also an included pamphlet of written instructions.

Most of the instructions are simple, clear, and easy-to-follow, but I think I need more practice with this stuff before I can definitively say it is easy to apply.

The one issue I have with this kit is the time it takes to apply. This could just be because I am a novice, but this took a good half hour to apply properly, and I still missed bits. This is not something I have time for every morning. That said, when I use it in the mid-afternoon to add a little kiss of sun to my face and clear up any shine, it does a fantastic job.

As for the “Fake It” bronzer, this stuff is a dream to apply, and the little pouffe they include to apply is like using a cloud on your skin.

Thin Lizzi 5

As I mentioned, though, this takes a while to get to a point of full coverage. Not something I’d whip out while getting ready for work in the morning.


With the use of a primer before application, the 6-in-1 Professional Powder lasted all day and came off in the shower with the use of a cleanser. The “Fake It” bronzer lasted really well, not coming off in the shower until the exfoliation gloves were used (I didn’t prime for the bronzer so this is pretty impressive).

The star performer in this kit was the Thin Lizzy Strawberry Lip Gloss. This stuff is stickier than honey, meaning that it’s going to stick to your lips through thick and thin, eating or drinking. It lasted me all day through three meals and lots of glasses of water. But if you hate your hair sticking to your lip gloss, avoid this.


Both the “Fake It” Bronzer and Professional Powder come packaged in a compact that clicks shut securely. It feels handbag-safe. There is a mirror included for touch-ups when out and about. Sweet.

Thin Lizzi 6
Left: “Fake It”Bronzer, Right: 6-in-1 Professional Powder

The most impressive packaging innovation in this Thin Lizzy kit is the design of the eye liner lid. Check this out:

Thin Lizzi 7

There is a sharpener right there in the lid! This is simple genius. You’ll never find yourself without a sharpener for your eye pencil again! I also like that there is the option of either black or brown pencil. They truly are taking into consideration their customers varied skin tones.

It’s also important to mention their specially designed brush for the application of the 6-in-1 powder.

Thin Lizzi 8

The bristles are lovely and soft – they feel nice and luxurious against my face. There was, however, an issue with shedding. Thin Lizzy claims this brush is the best way to distribute the reflective particles in the powder evenly, but I think there might be more suitable brushes out there. I will be keeping this brush, because it’s the first in my collection, and I plan to store it in the plastic wrapping it came in, so as not to destroy the bristles.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

I really like this as an “Introduction to makeup” type of kit. Being a novice myself, this has educated me, as well as providing me with my first brush, an eyeliner with options and a sharpener included, and a powder that can act as so many different makeup elements.

I think this would be great for teenagers who are beginning to experiment with enhancing their appearance. It’s great value and there are so many looks that can be achieved with this one kit. Not to mention the precious skin you’ll save when they use the “Fake It” instead of risking it in the sun to get a tan!

What they say:

Thin Lizzy 6-in-1 Professional Powder combines six different make-up products into one single convenient compact.

You can use it as…
•    an eye shadow
•    a blusher
•    a contour
•    a foundation & bronzer
•    a lip colour
•    all over body bronzer

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder is made with crushed pearlized particles that will give you beautiful, glowing, luminous skin. The powder reflects your natural skin tone. This remarkable formulation, will significantly reduce acne, redness, dark under eyes, uneven skin and many other skin imperfections. To complete your look we have added the duo eyeliner pencil (half black and half brown) with a sharpener and clear strawberry scented lip gloss.

Let Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 sculpt and enhance your features. Once you’ve tried it you won’t want to use anything else.

Available from:

The Thin Lizzy Website has an online order form. It also has lists of stockists in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA.

You can also buy over the phone on 1800 004 337.


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  • Hey I just wanted to know if the thin Lizzy strawberry lip gloss has any flavour? Like, I know it has a scent but I want a bit of flavour in mine cause plain unflavoured lip gloss tastes kinda gross.

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