Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Fuse Gelnamel – Review, Photos, Swatches


Motherhood is a wonderful thing, it truly is. However, having a 4 week old baby has left me with precious little time to do focus on important things like maintaining a manicure. Gone are the days when I could change up my manicure every night if I felt like it (at least for a few years). Given my current lack ... Read More »

OPI Over and Over A-Gwen

Over and Over AGwen 5

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a Gwen Stefani fangirl, have been since I was 14. In fact I’m pretty sure Tragic Kingdom was the first album I ever purchased with my first paycheck from my first ever job. I adore her style, and think of her as one of the great masters of reinvention. Given ... Read More »

BYS Leather for Nails

BYS Leather for Nails swatch 2

Little known fact about me – although I’m known for letting my freak flag fly, you may (or may not) be surprised to know that in my teens and early twenties I was a card-carrying goth. I’m embarrassed to admit, I used sharpies to colour my nails in black, because great black nail polish was nearly impossible to come by! ... Read More »

Face of Australia Carnivale Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches

Face of Australia Carnivale Collection 1

Face of Australia has released their latest limited edition collection of nail polish, the Carnivale collection. Embracing the current nail art trend for textured nails, the Carnivale collection is a range of 4 matte and 4 glitter polishes with a grainy, three dimensional textured finish. I have 4 of these polishes to show you today. I apologise in advance for ... Read More »

Face of Australia Glitterati Polish Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches, (Giveaway closed)

Glitterati Collection

Glitter. I love it. So you can imagine my delight when I was recently sent the up-and-coming Glitterati collection of polishes from Face of Australia. This collection is a set of 8 polishes, all glitter based! The collection contains 5 glitter polishes in a clear base, and 3 squishy jelly glitter polishes. Well, if I’m being fair, 2 squishy jelly ... Read More »

My Nail Polish Collection

1 Butter London

I’ve recently found myself in Spring Cleaning mode (Autumn cleaning? Change of season cleaning?), and found myself reorganising and culling my nail polish collection. I thought you may be interested to see which polishes I decided to keep. It also occurred to me that many, if not most of these polishes have never been swatched here on Makeup Utopia. If you’re interested ... Read More »

A BYS Caviar for Nails Manicure

Caviar Manicure 3

I remember the makeup brand BYS when it was Be Yourself, and very clearly marketed at 12 year olds (I may have been about 12 at the time.) If I’m being perfectly honest, I haven’t looked at the brand since, until just last week, when I received 2 lovely parcels in the mail. One contained glitter polishes that I am ... Read More »

Australis Nail Glitter Colour in Milky Way – Review, Photos, Swatches

Milky Way 4

I first saw this nail polish in a haul post on Max the Unicorn. Honestly I was shocked to see this type of milky-based glitter polish from a drugstore brand, let alone one of our Aussie drugstore brands, and I immediately made it my mission to track it down. They were all out of stock at my local KMart, and ... Read More »

OPI Nail Lacquer in What Wizardry is This? – Review, Photos, Swatches

What wizardry is this 6

Product Breakdown: What Wizardry is This is the latest shade to be released in OPI’s new “Liquid Sand” formula, and is a part of their newest limited edition collection, the Oz The Great and Powerful collection. Described by OPI as a rich taupe shade, I find it hard to define the precise colour of this polish. I have seen it ... Read More »

Face of Australia Nail Enamel in Show Off – Review, Photos, Swatches

FOA polish in Show Off 3

Product Breakdown: It’s stinking hot as I’m sitting here writing this, so it feels completely appropriate to be writing about an in-your-face neon bright nail polish, as I gaze upon it on my nails. Let me introduce you to Show Off, a new, permanent addition to Face of Australia’s permanent nail polish range. Show Off is a vivid neon coral ... Read More »