Sweetly Scented Stocking Stuffers from Lush

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve recently jumped on the Lush bandwagon, at least for certain products. I know the smell in-store can be overwhelming (at least for me), but if you know what you want you can either order online, or choose a quiet time to visit your local store and be in and out in a flash.

Lush have recently released their limited edition Christmas range for 2013, and there’s some products that I think would make amazing stocking stuffers for you, your mum, your girlfriend or even your kids!

Bath Ballistics:

I’m currently 7 months pregnant, and one of the only things that helps my back at the end of a long day is a soak in the tub. Right now, there is virtually nothing more appealing than a lovely scented bath product. A couple of my favourites are:



This little yellow fellow looks like lemon meringue pie, and smells warm and creamy, with a hint of vanilla and lemon. It was inspired by an Italian Apres-Ski drink by the same name. Keep it for yourself or give it to your mum.

Secret Santa:

Secret Santa

This is quite possibly the biggest bath bomb I have ever seen! I haven’t used it yet, but I think I’ll be breaking it up into 3 smaller portions to really stretch the lovely scent. It’s described by Lush as emulating the iconic scent of a Lush store, but to me it is far more pleasant. It’s a heady mix of Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Indian Jasmine, Lime, Lemon and Vanilla oils, and smells rich and dreamy. Give it to your mum or your girlfriend.

Shoot for the Stars:

Shoot for the Stars

This blue ball of fizzy bath bliss is described by Lush as being fragranced with their iconic scent “Honey I Washed the Kids”. I don’t get that at all – this smells straight up like Darrell Lea muskettes (those little pink musk lollies). It’s supposed to deeply relax you in the bath, and I’ll be putting that to the test in about 15 minutes. This particular scent would be great for kids, a friend, your mum or to keep for yourself!

Bubble Bars:

Another delicious bath product, bubble bars are a substitute for bubble bath, creating masses of bubbles that don’t seem to dry my skin out the way soapy liquid bubble bath can.

Candy Mountain:

Candy Mountain

This pink tower of sparkly deliciousness is such an iconic Lush product, it virtually needs no introduction. It’s ridiculously sweet, and I believe it is fragranced with Snow Fairy – it smells like a rich concoction of bubblegum and fairy floss. It’s packed full of lustre dust to leave you with a party-appropriate glow. Give it to your little sister or daughter – they’ll love the sweet smell and the sparkles on their skin.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar:

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

This bubbling beauty smells of sweetened vanilla, and is especially ideal for kids to stay entertained in the bath.┬áThe Magic Wand Bubble Bar is becoming a Christmas tradition in our household – this won’t be the first year that Santa has left a bubble wand in my daughters Christmas Stocking.


Fun is a completely new concept to me, and to say it excites me would be a massive understatement. This stuff is basically play-doh for the bath, for your hair, for your laundry or just to play with. There’s a few colour and fragrances of Fun in the permanent Lush line, then theres…

Golden Fun:

Golden Fun

This tube of malleable cleansing product is limited edition for Christmas 2013. It’s a shiny golden colour and smells of the richest, creamiest honey (the iconic “Honey I Washed the Kids” fragrance). I have a very strong suspicion that Santa could be bringing this for my daughter this year!

Body Cream:

Sikkim Girls Body Cream:

Sikkim Girls Body Cream

This body cream is fragranced with one of Lush’s Gorilla Perfumes, and has a strong scent of Jasmine with undertones of Darjeeling Tea and Vanilla. It is quite a strong scent, but if you know someone who enjoys the smell of Jasmine, this would make a lovely gift. It melts into your skin, leaving it feeling very hydrated, and would be wonderful for older, dryer skin. Give this one to your mum.

Lip Products:

Santa’s Lip Scrub:

Santa's Lip Scrub 1

I’ve been a fan of Lush Lip Scrubs for a long time, and this one is no exception. It contains cherry and date extract, which somehow combines to taste just like Cola (does anyone know what the actual flavour of Cola is meant to be, anyway?).

Santa's Lip Scrub 2

It’s quick and easy to use, and prepares your lips perfectly for lipstick or kisses. Give this one to your girlfriend.

Santa Baby Lip Tint

Santa Baby 1

This Lip “Tint” is more like a moderately pigmented lipstick in a pot, that can be sheered out for a natural flush of colour on your lips, or built up to an almost opaque red pout.

Santa Baby 2

It contains the same combination of cherries and dates to make it smell just like Cola, but fortunately, it doesn’t have a strong flavour.

Santa Baby 3

Give this one to your best friend, or keep it for yourself!


This year, Lush is pushing for a Cruelty Free Christmas, and part of their brand ethos is to minimise waste and reduce packaging. At this time of year, I especially appreciate this, as it reflects the family culture I grew up with. One of the steps that my family and I have taken to reduce wastefulness is to use cloth present bags instead of wrapping paper. Each year, I sew up a few more sacks of various sizes, in fun Chritmas fabric, and add them to my collection. They look equally as festive as wrapped gifts under the tree, but can be re-used year on year (in fact, I have bags that were made 25 years ago that are still going strong!).

What steps are you taking to reduce wastefulness this Christmas? Will you be adding any Lush goodies to your Christmas wish list?

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*This article contains a combination of purchased products, and products submitted for editorial consideration.

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