Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadows – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

The Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow collection consists of 9 vibrant shades:

Tako (matte white):
1 Tako 2 Tako

Buttercupcake (matte yellow):
3 Buttercupcake 4 Buttercupcake

Flamepoint (matte orange):
5 Flamepoint 6 Flamepoint

Love+ (matte red):
7 Love+ 8 Love+

Dollipop (matte hot pink):
9 Dollipop 10 Dollipop

Poison Plum (matte purple with micro-glitter):
11 Poison Plum 12 Poison Plum

Afterparty (metallic blue with micro-glitter):
13 Afterparty 14 Afterparty

Midori (metallic green with micro-glitter):
15 Midori 16 Midori

Bulletproof (matte black):
17 Bulletproof 18 Bulletproof


Most Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows are extraordinarily pigmented. The colour you see in the pan is the colour that translates onto your face. In fact they are so pigmented that many of the shades will temporarily stain your skin after you remove your makeup. The main culprits for this staining are Love+(red), Dollipop (pink), Flamepoint (orange) and Afterparty (blue).

Ease of application:

As a general rule, Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows are a dream to apply. They are quite smooth and easily blendable. Having said that, the rich pigmentation of these eyeshadows can make them a little tricky to work with. I would recommend using a very light touch when first applying these eyeshadows, as they can very quickly “run away” from you.


Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows are some of the longest-wearing eyeshadows I have used. Applied onto clean, dry eyelids I can wear these all day with no fading and only minimal creasing. When applied over a good eyeshadow primer they do not budge until you want to take your makeup off. Even then, they can leave behind a tell-tale stain that can take a day or two to fade.


The individual pressed eyeshadows are packaged in a functional and protective flip-top case. The clear plastic lid makes it easy to quickly identify the shade you are looking for. The pans are held securely in the case, however are very simple to de-pot if necessary.

The packaging definitely appeals to a certain aesthetic, as does all the branding for Sugarpill. I personally adore the slightly gothic designs, however if you prefer a minimalistic look to your makeup packaging you may not enjoy this quite so much.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Hand swatches are all well and good, but I know you want to see these eyeshadows in action. Here are links a few looks I have created incorporating Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows:

Ice Queen



Theatre of the Nameless

What they say:

Richly pigmented, velvety smooth, luxury pressed eyeshadows for all night party wear.

​Have you tried Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows? What’s your favourite shade and how do you like to wear it? Let me know in the comments below.

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