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The last few weeks (months?) have been pretty hectic for me. When things get hectic, I get tense. When I get tense, I get sore. Combine this with a couple of injuries I sustained a month ago that affected both knees and an elbow, and I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Spa Q at QT Sydney came to my rescue, offering to soothe what ailed me with a 1 hour treatment of my choice, and I simply couldn’t say no.

The QT Hotel Sydney feels like a well-kept secret in the middle of one of the busiest parts of Sydney. The entrance is a very small, unassuming door in between the State Theatre and TopShop on Market Street. It blends in so well, it’s very easy to miss, and walking through that door feels like stepping back in time to a 1920’s speakeasy.

Image courtesy of the QT Hotel

To get to Spa Q, you need to jump a lift to the mezzanine level (I had to ask for directions, the signage is so unobtrusive I completely missed it!)

Stepping out of the lift feels like walking into an Apothecary’s treatment rooms. Massive glass display cases are full of beakers, test tubes and even a phrenology head!

Image courtesy of the QT Hotel

Walking into the reception area, I was greeted warmly and asked to fill in a typical pre-treatment form, asking me what I hoped to achieve from my visit today. On the form I mentioned that I wanted to de-stress, I was experiencing problems with my back, neck and shoulders, and my preferred massage style is deep tissue.

Image courtesy of Spa Q

After completing the form I was given a tour of the facilities, and as I was 45 minutes early, I was offered the opportunity to use the Hammam-inspired steam room.

Image courtesy of Spa-Q (let’s pretend that’s me.. I totally look like that!)

The steam is incredibly heavy and thick, however I found it quite relaxing, and surprisingly comfortable. After around 20 minutes I made use of the shaved ice and cold shower, and walked out feeling invigorated.

Once I finished my steam, I was shown into a relaxation/waiting area, and offered water or tea while I perused the treatment menu.

Image courtesy of Spa Q

Keen to experience the best that was on offer, I selected the “Mastery Massage”, described in the menu as:

One thing we thoroughly encourage at QT is individuality. It’s part of the philosophy and ethos of who we are as a hotel and as a spa. Hence, we want to give our amazing therapists some free reign to be creative. After all, what got them the job at spaQ was having a toolbox full of specialist techniques and healing/therapy modalities. As you’re one of a kind as well, we’d like to offer you the opportunity of a bespoke spa experience. During a consultative process, you and your therapist will create the treatment of your dreams. It’s that simple.

Mt therapist Corinne advised me that her speciality is Remedial Deep Tissue Massage, finished with a China Bark Hair Treatment. This sounded perfect, so we agreed on this treatment and Corinne led me to a treatment room.

Image courtesy of Spa Q

The treatment itself was amazing and ritualistic. Corinne knew exactly what she was looking for, expertly finding and destroying every knot and tense muscle in my body. She made sure to check that the pressure she was applying was OK, which I appreciated.

After a full body massage, she applied a China Bark Hair Mask to my hair, and worked this in with the most thoroughly blissful scalp massage I have ever experienced. This was a beautiful way to wrap up the treatment, because it put me in a state of complete relaxation.

After being given ample time to rouse myself, I was shown back to the relaxation area, offered another cup of tea, and given some post-treatment instructions.

The whole experience was amazing, the Spa is delightfully hipsteriffic and quirky, and my therapist was highly skilled. This is completely and utterly my kind of Day Spa. Incidentally, the hair mask that was used on me left the bleached and damaged parts of my hair feeling just as smooth and soft as untouched hair – I’ll definitely be buying it to use at home (I just wish I could replicate that scalp massage at home!)

You can check out the treatments on offer or book a treatment by visiting the Spa Q website HERE.

*This treatment was provided to M|U for editorial consideration.

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