Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

This is basically a moisturising lipstick; it provides good colour to the lips, has a nice creamy texture and offers some added hydration.

shiseido rouge RS320 portrait


The colour of this lipstick is just divine. I’m generally more of a lip gloss girl, in fact I only own a handful of lipsticks and MAC’s Ruby Woo is the brightest in my collection. Suffice to say bright lipsticks are generally not my thing but since trying the Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Fuchsia I think I might be a bright lipstick convert. Seriously, Fuchsia lipstick, where have you been all my life? I don’t know how I’m only just discovering you now but trust me, now that I’ve found you I’m never letting you go, well at least not until I get to the end of the tube or I’ve held onto you for longer than I should and you are starting to get a bit crusty.

Anyway back to the lipstick at hand, this is a lovely bright Fuchsia that glides onto the lips smoothly and thickly for an opaque colour that has a slight hint of purple.

shiseido rouge RS320 swatch

Ease of application:

The lipstick glides on really easily and the solid base of the tube allows for easy grip and application. If anything the lipstick feels a little bit too creamy when you first put it on, similar to a Revlon Lip Butter but it has more opacity and coverage.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Fuscia Lipstick


Longevity of this lippy is pretty good (based on my limited adventures in Lipstick Land), it lasts fairly solidly for the first couple of hours but after that it starts to become more of a lip stain. Obviously this process is sped up if there is any eating or drinking involved. By about 4 hours it looks more like a nicely pigmented lip balm.


The lipstick comes in a silvery-black tube that makes me think of titanium. The tube seals nice and firmly, which is always important to me because it means when it is rattling around the bottom of my makeup bag or handbag it will firmly seal and protect the lipstick in its smooth metallic casing.

Shiseido rouge packaging
Shiseido tube closed

Anything else worth mentioning?:

I also picked up these Zara heels in Amsterdam:

Zara heels

These shoes + Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Fuchsia = match made in heaven. (Trust Larah to find a way to incorporate shoes into a lipstick review! Follow her on Pinterest – she has a whole board dedicated to shoe porn.)

What they say:

Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick combines make-up and skincare for a luxuriously textured formulation. It features dual-optimising powder which automatically detects available light levels, adjusting colour so that skin always looks vibrant. It also features satin smooth pearl, an ultrafine pearl pigment that gives a smooth finish, and super hydro-wrap vitalizing DE, an advanced ingredient originally formulated for skincare products that creates a protective veil over the lips to replenish skin’s moisture.

Available from:

David Jones and Myer.


AUD $45
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