Makeup Collection and Storage

Disclaimer: If you don’t like looking at makeup collections, please don’t read this post. This is a highly requested article, and I try to accommodate the wishes of the Makeup Utopia community. Any disrespectful comments will be moderated out.

Most of my personal makeup collection is housed in a large buffet, and a chest of drawers from Ikea.

Here’s the top of the buffet:
Makeup Collection 1
I keep my brushes, my tripod, and my most reached for products on here.

Makeup Collection 2
Here’s my most reached for products – there’s a bunch of primers, foundations, concealers, setting sprays and mascaras. I keep a few face powders under the front flappy bit as well. The organiser is from Ikea, in the bathroom section.

Makeup Collection 3
This little glass bowl is where I keep my awkwardly shaped things like sharpeners, sponges, eyelash curlers etc. This bowl is from the op shop.

Makeup Collection 4
This was my favourite mug until it broke, and I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, so I use it to store my shorter handled brushes, that tend to disappear when stored with the bulk of my brushes.

Makeup Collection 5
These vases were a few dollars each from Ikea, and I use them to store the rest of my personal brushes. Left to right, they are sorted into dirty brushes (yes, this vase is overflowing – time for a cleaning frenzy!), face brushes (non-foundation), face brushes (foundation) and smaller brushes for eyes and lips.

Inside the buffet there are 5 drawers. Here they are from top to bottom:

Makeup Collection 6
Top drawer contains single eyeshadows of all varieties, loose, pressed and cream. I also have a few liquid eyeliners and some glitter adhesive tucked away in the back. I just use some sturdy boxes to keep this drawer somewhat organised.

Makeup Collection 7
The second drawer is all about cheeks. It’s mostly blush and illuminators, with one or two contour products. I don’t wear bronzer as a general rule, so I don’t keep any in my personal collection. This drawer is not really organised, so it’s a bit of a jumble.

Makeup Collection 8
The third drawer contains base products that I don’t use very often, or backups of ones that I love. There’s a few random blotting papers in here as well. Another drawer that has no real organisation (other than powders at the back, primers on the left and foundations on the right).

Makeup Collection 9
The 4th drawer is lip balms and lip glosses. I’m not a huge lip gloss wearer, and as far as lip balms go, I tend to stick to 3 – MAC Lip Conditioner and Lanolips Lemonaid live on my des, and I use Maybelline Baby Lips as a lip primer every time I wear lipstick.

Makeup Collection 10
The fifth and bottom drawer of this unit contains some random brushes that I don’t particularly like or use, as well as a few spare beauty fixations (cotton buds pre-loaded with makeup remover), and a tin from a gift pack of MOR cosmetics. The tin contains all my brush guards – these are essential to keeping the shape of my brushes after I wash them, and are DEFINITELY a worthwhile investment if you care for your brushes.

The buffet has 2 cupboards, one on each side of the drawers, and I keep makeup and props on one side, and office supplies on the other. The only really interesting thing in the makeup side is a large gift box that I store my palettes for personal use in:
Makeup Collection 11
In here you’ll find palettes from Inglot, 2 Z-palettes, Sportsgirl, Stila, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, NP Set, Ben Nye, NYX, Australis, SAX, Sleek, Beauty without cruelty, Wet n Wild, and Revlon.

The rest of my personal collection is stored in my Helmer Drawers from Ikea. This has 6 drawers – here they are from top to bottom:

Makeup Collection 12
The top drawer has my favourite lipsticks, both in bullet form, and in liquid form. The lipstick organsiers are from Target, although I have struggled to find them recently.

Makeup Collection 13
The second drawer plays home to a random selection of mascaras and pencils, as well as my 2 pencil folders:
Makeup Collection 14
Makeup Collection 15
These are awesome, they hold SO MANY pencils, and are from Dick Blick in the US.

Makeup Collection 16
The third drawer contains a selection of lashes as well as some basic SFX makeup. And yes, that is a melon baller you can see. I use it to scoop out nose and scar wax.

Makeup Collection 17
The fourth drawer contains my nail base and top coats, as well as my nail art supplies.

Makeup Collection 18
The fifth drawer contains my overflow nail polish and my nail wraps/minx nails/nail stickers.

Makeup Collection 19
The sixth and bottom drawer contains most of my modest collection of nail polish, which I try to keep sorted by brand.

On top of my Helmer drawers lives a basket that contains products I plan to review. I didn’t realise when I took this picture that half of my “to review” products are sitting on my desk, but here’s an idea of what may be coming up on Makeup Utopia:
Makeup Collection 20

I hope you enjoyed that insight into my personal makeup stash, and I would LOVE for you to share your own makeup collection with me. If there’s anything you saw in my collection that you would like more information on, please let me know. 🙂