Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution Brush

Product Breakdown:

These brushes were designed to stand the test of time, the biggest feature in my mind is the new synthetic fibers used in the brush head.  The ‘DuPont Natrafil’ fibers mimic the structure of natural hairs.  We all know that synthetic brushes hold liquids well, but often fail in their ability to hold powders.  With the move to cruelty free products becoming something many makeup lovers are interested in, there was always a compromise on quality if you want vegan brushes.  These brushes overcome that.

Designed to be used day in day out in the most intensive professional situations, these brushes- if cared for properly, are designed to last.

The brush I’m reviewing is the BX70- Flat Eye Fluff


Amazingly, in my rather extensive brush collection, I do not have any brush similar to this. It’s completely flat, beautifully soft and animal product free!

At IMATS, when I caught up with Sara-May, she said the brushes were so soft I’d want to sit there and brush them up and down my face all day….I raised an eyebrow, but quickly realised she was right.  They are super soft.

In terms of their ability to hold product as claimed, it’s true.  They grip powder and they blend well- being black, the powder is very visible, which also means they are super easy to wash as you can see when they’re clean.



Individual brushes come in a plastic sleeves, sets come in a plastic tray within a larger plastic sleeve.

I keep the individual sleeves as I find them convenient for traveling.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Although this flat fluff brush was a generous gift from Royal and Langnickel – I like the [R]evolution range so much I have since bought the 6pc complexion set.  I have since ordered more of the collection.

One thing worth mentioning in terms of the complexion set it that the large Domed Kabuki (BX-00) takes ages to dry following a deep cleanse, I suspect (and it is not a bad thing) it is purely due to the density of the bristles on this brush.

What they say:

Our [R]evolution line pushes the limits of brush performance and durability.

Wish brush heads made from new synthetic fibers that mimic the performance and feel of the finest natural hairs available. Incredibly soft and extremely durable, you’ll be amazed to discover the revolution.

Titanium Plated Brass Ferrule

The highest quality non-corrosive, nickel-plated, solid brass ferrules are utilized in the [Revolution] brushes for its durability and resistance to damage. A necessary addition to protect from daily wear and tear.

Barrel Handle

Acrylic handle with Silk Touch comfort coating.

Synthetic Hair

[R]evolution brushes feature the latest advancements in synthetic brush technology with DuPont Natrafil fibers.  Which mimic the performance and feel of the finest natural hair.  Each monofilament features a micro-studded surface that mimics the exterior cuticle of the exterior hair, allowing for precise pickup, release and blending of even powder makeup.


My verdict:

Of the brushes I have tried (so far), I love this entire range.  Softness is always a top priority for me, on my own face it’s less critical but if I’m going to be using brushes on someone else I want them super soft.

I also like synthetic brushes for other people because I feel they are easier to clean and therefore more hygienic.  This means I usually have to compromise somewhere, with these brushes I don’t.

If you want reasonably priced, ethical, animal product/cruelty free, durable brushes, that will perform as well as some of the most expensive natural hair brushes (trust me, I own some of those too) you cannot, and will not find better than these.

Available from:

Unless you want to wait until IMATS next year, currently the only place to get these brushes is the Royal and Langnickel website


Brushes start at US$7.99
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