Rockin’ the 80’s – May 2011 FOTD Challenge Day 12

Today’s FOTD is supposed to be silly and lighthearted, a stab at the decade of excess that was the 80’s.

80s 1

Of course, freckles are so “out” and completely matte skin is in, so I have used a matte foundation, and then set it with a matte powder foundation, just to make sure I have the full coverage every girl needs before she leaves the house!

I have boring grey eyes, and as you can see I have used a beautiful blue eyeshadow to bring out the blue in my eyes and make them appear striking. I have kept the edges soft so it still looks very natural.

I have used a lovely soft pink blush to give my cheeks a beautiful glow. What you may not have noticed is that I have extended the blusher up my cheek bones, giving an imperceptible countoured look. See my amazing cheekbones? All due to the magic of makeup!

I have used a lovely pink in the same tone as my blusher on my lips. It’s important to make sure you are colour coordinated! Imagine if they were not the exact same shade and tone! That would just look silly!

80s 2

Ready to hit the town… wait, where are my shoulder pads?

Were you wearing makeup in the 80’s? Does this bring back any traumatic memories?

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