Rae Morris Brush Collection – A Pricelist

For the first time ever, Rae Morris Brushes will be available for individual purchase at Hair Expo on the 9th, 10th and 11th of June 2012. Makeup Utopia is excited to share with you a breakdown of each brush (taken directly from the catalogue), and their RRP.

1 Deluxe Kabuki

1. Deluxe Kabuki – RRP $29.95

Used to apply powder / cream bronzers and blushers – doubles as a contouring brush.

With pressure this brush can be used for fine blending / contouring. With mild pressure it is perfect for blush application.

Can be used to define and enhance the cleavage line.

Runway tip:

​If you only have room for one brush, this is it. It can do most of the tricks – from contouring to powdering – just make sure you have a little brush cleaner on hand so that you can swap between your pink blush and your skin toned powder.

2 Mini Kabuki

​2. Mini Kabuki – RRP $19.60

Used to apply bronzers / blushers but to smaller areas – also doubles as a contouring brush. Can be used with very fine pressure to shade the nose and soften eye shadow. Can be used to create that “6-pack” by defining the abs (Abdominal muscles).

​Runway tip:

​This is a great brush for when you want to apply extra bronzer to your cheeks or the tip of your nose.

3 Ultimate Cheek Bone

​3. Ultimate Cheek-Bone – RRP $60.00

​The ultimate cheek contouring/shading brush (under the cheek and through the temple) – best with powder based products.

​Runway tip:

With pale skin and if the hair is being worn up, use this brush to add a hint of bronzer or mineral foundation behind the ears (this is a really pale area that can literally “glow in the dark).

4 Square Kabuki

​4. Square Kabuki – RRP $21.45

Perfect for blending and polishing edges. Best used with linear strokes (as opposed to circular). This brush is especially soft and therefore perfect for using under the eye. Also fabulous for cleaning up eyeshadow fall out under the eye.

Don’t need to use with product (i.e. a clean brush is a wonderful blending tool).

Runway tip:

​This is the brush I automatically pick up when the makeup’s complete – it’s the perfect finishing brush. It blends every edge of your makeup flawlessly, from blush to eyeshadow.

5 Flawless Shader

​5. Flawless Shader – RRP $60.00

This brush has a special crescent shape making it an amazing body highlighter and a great finishing brush. Perfect for shading the hairline and defining / sculpting the jawline – best used with powder based products. Incredible overall finishing coverage.

​Runway Tip:

​I love to use this brush to add bronzer to that pale spot we get on the neck (from years in the sun) to give a more youthful look.

6 Deluxe Pro Blender

​6. Deluxe Pro Blender – RRP $45.00

This is the brush you should use to perfect your eye shadow – the ultimate eye blending (finishing) brush. Also can be used as a contouring and shading brush, preferably with powder based products. Blending perfection with minimal strokes.

​Runway Tip:
The perfect “all-day” brush for powdering small areas like the nose corners and the middle of the forehead.

7 Deluxe Precision Shader

7. Deluxe Precision Shader – RRP $32.00

The eye brush I use the most – with strong strokes it can be used to do a full eye shading (from lash line to brow), but with gentle pressure the pointed end can be used to create finer detail and precision shading (can be used under the eyes as well). Perfect for the outer edge of the eye to help blend that perfect “winged” effect.
Runway Tip:
When doing a smokey eye, use this brush to apply the lightest shadow all over the lid – you will cut your blending time in half!

8 Medium Precision Shader

​8. Medium Precision Shader – RRP $29.00

Perfect for all types of eye shadow – great for use on the eyelid. Also perfect for creating sockets – just a great all-round blending brush.

​Runway Tip:
This is the second brush I pick up when doing a killer smokey eye – use it with a darker eye shadow and blend it into the base eye shadow.

9 Detail Precision Shader

​9. Detail Precision Shader – RRP $21.00

Perfect for blending eye shadow very close to the eyelash line. Amazing to use for a smokey eye when you want to intensify around the lash line – it is extra soft and gentle and therefore perfect for sensitive eyes. Creates the finest crease line.

​Runway Tip:
Use this brush wet to apply an inner corner highlighter.

10 Tapered Oval Shadow

​10. Tapered Oval Shadow – RRP $33.00

Great for applying eyeshadow to the larger areas above the eye – this is the brush to use to apply your first wash or base of colour. Also great to use at the end as a finishing or blending brush.

​Runway Tip:
Try tilting this brush upside down when applying eyeshadow to the top lid – this will give your eyeshadow intensity along the lash line which is a great way to get a really sexy look.

11 Medium Oval Shadow

​11. Medium Oval Shadow – RRP $36.85

When the full width of the brush is used it is great for when you want to apply your second wash of colour to the eyelids – when turned on it’s side the thinner profile is great for socketing or blending under the eye.
Runway Tip:
The soft rounded edges on this brush cut blending time in half, so it’s perfect for when you’re “smoking up” under the eye.

12 Chiselled Smudger

​12. Chiseled Smudger – RRP $21.95

Perfect for blending or smudging eye shadows or eye gels close to the lash line. Also great for softening or smudging liquid eye liner or for any intricate work around the eyes.

​Runway Tip:
The brush I use to finish a smokey eye or to smudge a hard eyeliner – use it with the darkest colour and keep the intensity around the lash line.

13 Deluxe Eyeliner

​13. Deluxe Eyeliner – RRP $15.35

Amazing with all gel and liquid liners for the ultimate strong eye line. Perfect for the application of large bold eyeliners (think Audrey Hepburn). Also doubles as a concealer brush for detailed areas.

Runway Tip:
Apply sticky tape to the outer corner of the eye and with one stroke sweep your eyeliner along the lash line and straight onto the tape – Voila! Liner perfection! (just don’t forget to remove the tape)

14 Perfect Eyeliner

​14. Perfect Eyeliner – RRP $18.00

For fine to medium width eyeliner – also perfect for precision concealing or to create that perfect “beauty spot”.

Runway Tip:
This is the ultimate beauty spot marker – use a gel/liquid eye liner and it will last all day and all night long!

15 Precision Bent Liner

​15. Precision Bent-liner – RRP $10.50

Designed for the finest of eye lines, but hooked specifically to allow liquid/gel eyeliner to the inner eye corner. The hook allows you to rest your hand on the face to keep you steady. Can also be used for very fine concealing.

​Runway Tip:
Can also be used to create the finest lash hair line strikes and under the eye lashes for that “Twiggy” 60’s look.

16 Angle Brow Mascara Definer

​16. Angle Brow and Mascara Definer – RRP $13.80

​Angle Brow
​The angle brush is incredible for applying fine hair strokes into the eyebrows, and applying eyebrow powder for a fully groomed brow.

Perfect for taperine off the browline.

Doubles as an eyeliner brush for the outer “winged” effect.

Runway Tip:
When using this brush to apply gel liners to your own eyes only, leave a little liner on the brush – it helps keep the brush sharp by keeping every bristle in place (similar to having hairspray on a comb).

​Mascara Definer
​The mascara wand is used to keep eyebrows groomed and to apply or comb out (clumpy) mascara.

​Runway Tip:
The mascara end is magic at picking up unwanted glitter (but if all else fails, use sticky tape).

17 Mascara Applicator

​17. Mascara Applicator – RRP $17.00

To use, load up the ends of the metal comb with mascara – gently comb through the lashes starting at the roots. This will not only deposit the mascara at the roots of every single hair, it will comb through the lashes evening out all knots and clumps – perfect for precision lashes. Caution – being a metal brush, it is important not to use it with the bristles pointing towards the eye.

​Runway Tip:
If you are re-using false lashes, soak them in warm water and then use the comb to help remove the glue. Also a great brush if you want to apply coloured mascara to the tips of your lashes following a black coat.

18 Eyebrow Brush

​18. Eyebrow Brush – RRP $8.45

For combing the eyebrows – normal brow combs are very wide, so as a result they mess up your foundation around the brows. This brush is thin meaning you only comb where you want to, leaving your foundation untouched.

​Runway Tip:
Also great for taming fine hairs around the hairline – apply hair spray to the brush and comb the hairs into place.

19 Lip Brush

​19. Lip Brush – RRP $18.00

You can’t do lips without this brush – also doubles as a concealer brush. The soft rounded tip can give you either a pointed or a softly curved lip shape.

​Runway Tip:
To touch up lipstick bleeds, add a little foundation to this brush and use it to clean up the edges (like an eraser).

20 Concealer Brush

​20. Concealer Brush – RRP $17.00

For the application of all concealers, especially to the under eye area – doubles for the application of liquid or grease based eye shadows. Its non-absorbent bristles minimise product wastage. Can also be used as a lip brush for larger lip sizes.

Runway Tip:
Fabulous for lip/eye gloss or when you want to shine up your eyelids with a wet look.

21 Deluxe Buffer

​21. Deluxe Buffer – RRP $45.00

Preferred for mineral foundation as it has been optimised (with extra soft bristles) to help polish and give your foundation an “air-brushed” finish. Perfect for very sensitive skin (e.g. burns or post surgery).

Apply luminizer to this brush and polish all over for a year-round summer glow.

Runway Tip:
Perfect brush for applying mineral powdered foundation to the decolletage – evens out redness and mineral foundation is the least likely to rub off on clothes. Most mineral foundations also contain a sunscreen which is an extra bonus.

22 Pro Powder

​22. Pro Powder – RRP $72.00

Perfect for any powder based products – extra soft and covers large areas quickly.

Runway Tip:
The brush I choose when I want to add powdered body shimmer all over (also great for getting dust off your jacket!)

23 Micro-fibre Foundation

​23. Micro-Fibre Foundation – RRP $45.00

The perfect brush for applying liquid and mineral/powder foundation.

The white fibres absorb the foundation and the black fibres polish it in (so you don’t need to keep going back for product).

​Runway Tip:
This is my brush of choice for refreshing your liquid foundation during the day – a quick once over will bring your foundation back to life.

24 All-Over Powder

​24. All-Over Powder – RRP $82.00

Great all-rounder for applying both powder and bronzer to the face and body. Apply powder to the shorter bristles of the brush and your follow through with the longer bristles will do the blending and remove any excess powder.

Great for the application of soft translucent powder to the decolletage.

​Runway Tip:
Use this brush to apply body shimmer all over the body – and a special tip, if you apply a straight line of shimmer straight down the centre of the thigh and calf, your legs will look slimmer!

25 Foundation Brush

​25. Foundation / Angle Contour – RRP $37.70

The rounded end is great for applying liquid based foundation – the angled end is perfect for all cream / grease based contouring. The perfect brush for distributing liquid or grease based foundation onto the face before you buff (with foundation brush). The bristles are not too absorbent, which reduces product wastage.

Use this brush to apply liquid, cream or grease foundation – allow to warm on skin before buffing.

Runway Tip:
The angled end is perfect for shading down the sides of the nose and jawline.

26 Fan Brush

​26. Fan Highlighter – RRP $12.30

​Designed for applying highlighter to the cheek bone and centre of the forehead. Also great for highlighting the collar bone.

​Runway Tip:
Great brush for the removal of eyeshadow fallout under the eyes.

27 Radiance Brush

​27. Radiance Brush – RRP $85.00

​Perfect for all foundations, from mineral powders to liquid body makeup – designed to give your foundation an “air-brushed” finish. This will be your favourite foundation brush!

The ultimate brush for evening out blotchy fading fake tans, on the neck line, feet and wrists.

Runway Tip:
Just add your favourite foundation direct to the brush hairs, and polish away! Awesome on the knees and elbows (check out how naturally uneven your skin tone is in those areas!).

As well as being sold individually, Rae Morris Brushes are sold in a set of all 27 brushes for $699.00 (and if you are a makeup student, I highly recommend this set over any of the student kits), or a set of 10 brushes for $199.00. Details of both sets are available at RaeMorris.com.

In 2011, I was gifted with one of Rae’s brushes, and wrote a review of it at that time. I have received no remuneration for posting this article, I am simply excited to share the great news about these brushes, that I genuinely believe are some of the best on the market today.

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