A Perfect Half-Moon Manicure

In case you missed it, the current Makeup Utopia Challenge theme is Old Hollywood. This week I have heavily drawn inspiration from the 1940’s –¬†first with a makeover inspired by the beautiful Marlene Dietrich, and now with a half moon manicure.

Nailease Strips 1 Nailease Strips 2 Nailease Strips 3

Although the idea of the half-moon manicure first came into play in the 1920’s, and became very fashionable in the 1940’s, this manicure is definitely a more modern interpretation. One modern twist is the shape of my nails. In order to be era-appropriate I would have had to file my nails into a pointed oval shape. As much as I adore this look, it doesn’t suit my hands, and it weakens my natural nails, so I retained the slightly squared off shape. The other modern twist is the colour of the half-moons. Traditionally the half-moons were kept bare, with colour only extending above the moon. I find bare moons to be truly beautiful, but the graphic black and white gives this a fun, almost retro 60’s twist.

Products Used:

If you’re wondering how I got the half moons so clean, I cheated – I didn’t open a single bottle of polish to achieve this manicure.

I used Nailease Nail Art strips in Black/White half moon.

Nailease Strips 4

These are nail-polish strips, as opposed to nail foils, which means I’ll be able to use nail polish remover to take them off. Application was very easy, however I did find they are prone to shrinkage (which you can see in the images above). I’ll be counteracting that by capping my free-edge with a black polish.

Have you used instant nail-art strips before? What did you like/dislike about them? Let me know in the comments below.

*These nail strips were provided for editorial consideration. I have not been remunerated for posting this and have no affiliation with Nailease. All opinions are my own.

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