NYE Nails – Budget Edition

Christmas is coming in just over a week, and before you know it, it’ll be New Years Eve! This year has absolutely FLOWN by! I’ve been trialling a selection of nail products in an effort to find the perfect NYE manicure for 2013, and I’ve shortlisted my choices to one budget option, and one mid-priced option. Today I’ll be sharing the budget option with you.

BYS Sequins for Nails 1

BYS have recently released their “Sequins for Nails”. This is the most recent in their range of (what I like to call) “stuff you stick to your nail polish.

BYS Sequins for Nails 2

The concept behind “Sequins for Nails” is to paint your nails, and while the polish is still wet, dip your finger into a tub of large, somewhat coarse glitter. The completed effect is very pretty, VERY blingy, and reminds me of fish scales (or more romantically, the scales on a mermaids tail).

BYS Sequins for Nails 3 Glitter Pot

I was sent 3 shades to trial.

Deep Blue Sea-quin:

BYS Sequins for Nails Blue Swatch

A sky-blue base polish, with a blue glitter with a somewhat purple duochrome for dipping.

BYS Sequins for Nails Blue

In a Pickle:

BYS Sequins for Nails Green Swatch

A radioactive green base polish with a grass green glitter with the occasional orange or pink bit.

BYS Sequins for Nails Green

Mrs. Worldwide:

BYS Sequins for Nails Pink Swatch

My favourite of the three, a bright fuschia polish with a purple multichromatic glitter for dipping.

BYS Sequins for Nails Pink

The BYS Sequins for nails are a great option for special occasion nails with a bit of wow factor, because they certainly pack a sparkly punch. Are they a good choice for everyday? Well, no. The glitter particles do not hold up well to washing your hands or other day-to-day activities.

My biggest frustration with any of these “dip your nails in stuff” manicures is the inability to keep the edges perfectly neat. That, plus the texture of this polish means this will never be more than a special occasion manicure to me.

That said, this is a show-stopping manicure effect, and would be the perfect choice for a New Years Eve manicure.

Each set has a recommended retail price of $7.95 AUD, and is available internationally from Fashion Addict.

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