The Night My Nails Walked The Red Carpet

*This is a sponsored post.

Gloss Cosmetics 1

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Gloss Cosmetics. They’re famous for their massive selection of reasonably priced cosmetics and accessories, and they’ve got me out of a sticky situation on more than one occasion.

Example 1: After sleeping in one morning, I was running late to take my daughter to her dance class. I dragged her out of bed, chucked her clothes on, shoved a bowl of insta-porridge in her hands and bolted out of the house. It was only after I stopped in at my local Westfield to grab a much-needed coffee that I noticed how scruffy and unkempt she looked – something her very strict Ballet instructor frowns upon. I dashed into my local Gloss store and was able to pick up a packet of hairbands, as well as a brush for less than a tenner – BARGAIN!

Example 2: After sleeping in one morning (are you sensing a pattern here?) I realised I was on my way to work completely bare-faced and with not a skerrick of makeup to polish my appearance. I was able to pop past Gloss and pick up a full-face worth of makeup using the cash I had in my wallet. SCORE!

Gloss Cosmetics 2

Although Gloss has been a last-minute saviour for me in the past, I have never really taken time to browse through the shop, just for the sake of it. I’ve always just made a beeline for the product I needed in that moment.

Gloss Cosmetics 3

Because of this, I was delighted to receive an invitation to go and check out the brand new flagship Gloss Cosmetics store at Parramatta Westfield – finally I would have the chance to browse the aisles and uncover the treasures on offer.

Gloss Cosmetics 4

I felt like a kid in a candy store! Everywhere I turned their were shiny things, bright colours and makeup makeup makeup – my idea of HEAVEN! It’s possible I even did a spot of Christmas shopping while I was there…

Gloss Cosmetics 5

Gloss Cosmetics 6

Gloss Cosmetics 7

Gloss Cosmetics 8

I was even more stoked to learn that the girls from I Scream Nails had been flown up from Melbourne to do free manicures and nail art during the opening festivities.

Gloss set up a miniature red carpet (otherwise known as the MANICAM) so all the beautiful nail art could have it’s turn on the runway! Check out some fabulous digit-al poses HERE.

Gloss Cosmetics 9
Check out the itty bitty red carpet! It’s so CUTE!

Gloss Cosmetics 10
It was absolutely PACKED with people waiting to get their nails did by the I Scream Nails girls.

And here are the aforementioned I Scream Nails chickas doing their thing.

Of course, I couldn’t resist a bit of nail art myself, so I chose the cute but still work-appropriate strawberry feature nail.

Gloss Parramatta will continue to celebrate their grand opening all day today (Friday 14/12/12) and tomorrow (Saturday 15/12/12) with manicures, fairy floss and the opportunity to walk your fingers down the MANICAM red carpet. If you do walk your nails down the GLOSS MANICAM red carpet, not only do you get your nail art for FREE, but the best instagram of your nails on the red carpet with the hashtag #GLOSSparra could win 1 of 5 GLOSS Professional Brush Rolls valued at $150! The winners will be announced on Monday, and you can check out Gloss’ facebook page for more information.

Will you be heading to Gloss Parramatta for some nail art fun? If you do, please make sure you tweet me a picture of your MANICAM walk of fame! I would love to see all your beautiful nails!

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