Some news, and my first ever vlog!

If you’re a regular Makeup Utopia reader, you may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here, and if you follow Makeup Utopia on Facebook, you might already know why. I’ve been working hard trying to pack up my life and the life of my husband and 2 children, because we’re moving to Europe in 3 weeks!

Any work time I have had free has been filled up with photoshoots and writing for the wedding eBook project I’m working on with my dear friend Christina from Hair Romance. I’ll have more information about these books, including release dates for you very soon. In the meantime, there’s a few sneak peek shots and some behind the scenes pictures on instagram for both Makeup Utopia and Hair Romance.

I’ve decided to vlog a little bit in the lead up to our move, and once we’re over there, and I posted my very first vlog on my personal blog today. It’s a sticky beak inside my house, and I’d love you to check it out and leave me a comment… pretty please.

Katinka's Bedroom

Finally, I’ve got some videos planned for Makeup Utopia, including:

  • My Makeup Collection – the products I loved enough to keep, and ship all the way to the other side of the world (hint, it’s about 10% of the makeup I used to own, so this is LITERALLY the very best of the very best that I have found.)
  • What’s in my luggage – it takes around 3 months to ship containers to Europe, so I thought you might be interested in seeing which products made the cut as part of my precious 30kg of checked luggage.
  • What’s in my carry on – Hey, if I’m doing the other 2, I might as well share with you exactly what I don’t want to be parted with during a 30 hour flight.

If you can think of any other videos that you would like to see, let me know – I think videos are going to be easier for me to manage until I am in my new home and settled in.

I’ve missed you guys!

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