Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color – new shades for February 2012

Product Breakdown:

In order to embrace the ongoing trend for new and exciting ways to wear neutral shades, Maybelline has introduced 5 new shades to their core Color Sensational Lipstick range.

240 – Barely Brown
1 Barely Brown 2 Barely Brown 3 Barely Brown 4 Barely Brown 5 Barely Brown

280 Rum Riche
6 Rum Riche 7 Rum Riche 8 Rum Riche 9 Rum Riche 10 Rum Riche

295 Bronzed
11 Bronzed 12 Bronzed 13 Bronzed 14 Bronzed 15 Bronzed

300 Warm Latte
16 Warm Latte 17 Warm Latte 18 Warm Latte 19 Warm Latte 20 Warm Latte

310 Mochachino
21 Mochachino 22 Mochachino 23 Mochachino 24 Mochachino 25 Mochachino


Pigmentation-wise, these 5 lipsticks are a mixed bag.

240 Barely Brown is a semi-sheer finish; 280 Rum Riche is creamy and opaque; 295 is an opaque metallic; 300 Warm Latte sits somewhere between semi-sheer and fully opaque and 310 Mochachino is opaque.

Ease of application:

These lipsticks are creamy and easy to apply onto the lips. The bullet shape makes it easy to get clean lines without the need for a lip brush, however I would HIGHLY recommend using a mirror when applying these lipsticks. Goodness knows you wouldn’t want to end up with lipstick all over your face!


These lipsticks are a thicker formula than the previously reviewed Color Sensational The Shine lipsticks. This makes them longer wearing, however they are also a little more drying on the lips. I get approximately 6 hours wear out of these lipsticks if I’m not eating oily foods, but by the end of that time they do look a little worse for wear.

My rule with lipstick in general is don’t wear pigmented lipstick if you don’t intend to touch up frequently.


Maybelline NY have redone the packaging on their lipsticks in recent years. Packaging on the Colour Sensational The Shine collection looks sleek and modern, with shiny chrome bases and translucent brown caps. I understand that the Color Sensational range generally has the cap tinted to a similar colour to the lipstick, however these are all the same uniform brown.

Functionally, the packaging does the job. It is much like any other lipstick in a twist-up tube. The lid seals with a satisfying click, but the plastic does feel a little flimsy. I personally wouldn’t chuck this in my handbag because I would be worried the cap would crack.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

These smell delicious. I think​ it is meant to be a chocolate scent, but I’m not sure. What I will say is that it is a sweetly warming and soothing scent that reminds me of chocolate, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon.

What they say:

​Get Nude with New Color Sensational Lip Color Shades.

​Because nude/neutral lips can take you anywhere, Maybelline NY is updating its shade range and introducing 5 new nude shades.

Finish your beach goddess look with Color Sensational Lip Color in Bronze, spice up and autumn morning with Color Sensational Lip Color in Warm Latte or be a little bolder with Color Sensational Lip Color in Mochachino.

Available from:

Supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.


$16.95 AUD
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