Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – review, photos, swatches

It started with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.Once considered the realm of “boring” and “practical”, a carefully curated selection of neutral toned eyeshadows has never been hotter than right now. There are countless neutral eyeshadow palettes on the market (and I think I own at least half of them!) Welcome to The Neutral Palette Diaries, the weekly series where I swatch the neutral palettes in my collection.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette 1

The Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced is a selection of 16 eyeshadows (that smell like chocolate!) that lean primarily neutral, with a fun pink, a really special glittery purple and a breathtaking white pink metallic with a gold reflect. There are 6 mattes, 6 metallics and 4 glitter finish shadows in the palette.

The shades in this palette are quite warm overall, with colour choices that would flatter virtually any eye colour. There is no obvious grouping of colours AT ALL in this palette, in fact they appear to have been thrown in willy-nilly, so this is very much a “choose your own adventure” style palette.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette 2

Something that has been noted in virtually every review of this palette is that the names of the shades have been printed on the plastic overlay rather than on the palette itself. For bloggers/vloggers and makeup artists needing to refer to specific shades, this is very frustrating, however I can’t imagine it being an issue for the average woman.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette 3

Top row:

Gilded Ganache:

Gilded Ganache Pan

Gilded Ganache is a medium-dark coffee brown with olive green micro-shimmer. It felt quite dry and gritty to touch, and required a little bit of work to achieve even colour.

Gilded Ganache Swatch

White Chocolate:

White Chocolate Pan

White Chocolate is a very pale cream beige with light to medium pigmentation and a matte finish. It feels incredibly silky to the touch. It’s intended purpose is as a highlight shade, and I generally prefer lighter pigmentation in my highlights, so this works very well for me.

White Chocolate Swatch

Milk Chocolate:

Milk Chocolate Pan

Milk Chocolate is, as the name suggests, a milk chocolate shade with a matte finish and light but buildable pigmentation. It is incredibly velvety smooth to the touch and is a very nice transition shade.

Milk Chocolate Swatch

Black Forest Truffle:

Black Forest Truffle Pan

Black Forest Truffle is a warm burgundy with pink, gold and brown micro-glitter. It is incredibly pigmented, and has a slightly rough texture because of the glitter. It does have a tendency for the glitter to fall out, which is remedied by application over a sticky base.

Black Forest Truffle Swatch

Triple Fudge:

Triple Fudge Pan

Although not a terrible shadow by any means, Triple Fudge is the least impressive shade in this palette. It is a dark roasted-coffee brown with light to medium pigmentation, and a slightly patchy application.

Triple Fudge Swatch

Salted Caramel:

Salted Caramel Pan

Salted Caramel is a velvety smooth medium orange-brown with a matte finish. It has great pigmentation and makes a lovely transition colour, or an interesting daytime-appropriate crease colour.

Salted Caramel Swatch


Marzipan Pan

Marzipan is an ultra metallic pale pinky peach shade. It is highly pigmented, creamy in texture and applies like a dream.

Marzipan Swatch


Semi-Sweet Pan

Semi-Sweet is a neutral to warm chocolate brown with a matte finish. It has a silky smooth texture with a medium intensity of pigmentation. It’s a good transition colour for darker skin tones, and works well for deepening a crease in lighter skin tones.

Semi-Sweet Swatch

Strawberry Bon Bon:

Strawberry Bon Bon Pan

Strawberry Bom Bon is a smooth matte pink shade the same colour as strawberry quik. It has medium to good pigmentation and works best as a lid colour.

Strawberry Bon Bon Swatch

Candied Violet:

Candied Violet Pan

Candies violet is really a very special shade. Its a semi-sheer charcoal purple base eyeshadow with a metallic finish that is packed with masses and masses of micro glitter. The glitter is very multi-chromatic with shades of pink, purple, blue and teal scattered through the glitter. It’s an absolutely incredible lid shade, and looks quite amazing applied over a sticky base with a damp brush to really amp up the finish.

Candied Violet Swatch


Amaretto Pan

Amaretto is an intense, highly pigmented rust red-brown with a high shine metallic finish. It feels smooth, and almost like a cream shadow in texture.

Amaretto Swatch


Hazelnut Pan

Hazelnut is Amaretto’s less red, more yellow toned sister. It has the same creamy texture and intense pigmentation of Amaretto, making it a stunning lid shade, or a great all-in-one eyeshadow.

Hazelnut Swatch

Creme Brulee:

Creme Brule Pan

Creme Brulee is a rich antique gold shade with a stunning metallic finish. Although it is quite creamy in texture, it feels a little more “grainy” than some of the other metallics in this palette.

Creme Brulee Swatch

Haute Chocolate:

Haute Chocolate Pan

Although it looks very similar to Hazelnut when swatched, Haute Chocolate is slightly darker, slightly cooler toned, and the formula is a little more sheer. It is still a lovely shadow, however has a drier texture than some of the other metallics in this palette.

Haute Chocolate Swatch

Cherry Cordial:

Cherry Cordial Pan

Cherry Cordial is a deep berry-burgundy shade with a matte finish. The texture is quite dry and it has medium pigmentation. This is a perfect shadow to darken up a crease, or even works well as a soft eyeliner.

Cherry Cordial Swatch

Champagne Truffle:

Champagne Truffle Pan

Champagne truffle is another pretty special and unusual eyeshadow with sensational pigmentation. It is the palest of pinks with a beautiful duochrome that reflects white at some angles, and very pale gold at other angles. It’s size and placement in the palette implies that it is intended as a highlight shade, however I would not recommend using it as a browbone highlight. The pink tome and extreme reflective finish could make eyes appear overly fleshy and a little sore. I prefer this as a lid colour, or applied with an ultra-fine eyeliner brush around the tear duct, and in the finest of lines under the peak of the eyebrows.

Champagne Truffle Swatch


With a heavy focus on warmer red-browns, this is a stunning palette for green eyes, but will really work well for any eye-shades. It’s a particularly useful palette for travel, someone with a small makeup collection, or someone just starting out in makeup. The inclusion of so many matte shades, mostly neutral tones, and a few statement eyeshadows make is a great all-in-one kit.

Price: $68.95 AUD; $49.00 USD; 45.00 GBP

This palette was purchased by Makeup Utopia.

Let me know in the comments if there is a specific neutral palette you would like to see me review and swatch.

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