Napoleon Perdis NP Set Makeup Brushes – Review, Photos

Product Breakdown:

I have 7 NP Set brushes to review for you today.

​Primer Brush:

1 Primer Brush 2 Primer Brush 3 Primer Brush

A flat, moderately stiff but still flexible brush, 2cm wide where the ferrule meets the bristles, with an angled top. This brush works well with a fairly fluid texture primer or foundation. The flexibility of the brush allows you to get a very thin coating of product on your skin, the angle of the brush works well to fit under your eyes and around your nose, and the size of the brush makes it quick and easy to cover your whole face.

Due to the synthetic bristles this works particularly well for liquid and cream products.

​Foundation Brush:

4 Foundation Brush 5 Foundation Brush 6 Foundation Brush

A traditional Filbert shape foundation brush, 2cm across where the ferrule meets the bristles. This brush a little thicker and more densely packed than the Primer Brush. If you are a fan of a traditional foundation brush, this works very well.

Due to the synthetic bristles this works particularly well for liquid and cream products.

​Blush Contour Brush:

7 Blush Contour Brush 8 Blush Contour Brush 9 Blush Contour Brush

A traditional angled blush brush, moderately dense bristles with a somewhat flattened ferrule. This brush works well to add a soft flush of blush to your cheeks. I personally find it too imprecise for contouring, however it would be a useful brush if you are still learning how to contour.

The synthetic bristles can make it difficult to pick up powder products, although they appear to have been crimped to assist the “slippery” fibres to grab the powder. This brush does lend itself to working well with cream or gel blushes.

Eye Shadow Brush:

10 Eye Shadow Brush 11 Eye Shadow Brush 12 Eye Shadow Brush

A slightly fluffy flat shader brush, approximately 1cm where the ferrule meets the bristles. This brush is designed to pack on colour, however the fluffiness also lends itself to blending.

The synthetic bristles can make it difficult to pick up powder products, however the bristles appear to have been crimped to reduce the “slipperiness” of the fiber. The  fluffiness of this brush also helps to “grab” powder products.

​Crease Blender Brush:

13 Crease Blender Brush 14 Crease Blender Brush 15 Crease Blender Brush

​A very fluffy, floppy sparsely packed crease blender brush with a round ferrule, 0.5cm in diameter where the ferrule meets the bristles. This brush is designed less to apply eyeshadow and more to soften and blend out eyeshadow that has already been applied. I have to admit I prefer a smaller, more densely packed brush for blending, this brush is an essential shape for anyone learning to apply eye makeup, and is an integral tool for the “windscreen wiper” crease contour technique (if you’re not familiar with this technique, let me know in the comments and I’ll aim to put together a tutorial.).

Again, as this brush has been designed for use with powder products, the bristles have been crimped to minimise the “slipperiness” and assist in grabbing product.

​Eye Shadow / Eye Definer:

16 Eye Shadow Eye Definer Brush 17 Eye Shadow Eye Definer Brush 18 Eye Shadow Eye Definer Brush 19 Eye Shadow Eye Definer Brush

A double-ended brush – one end is a Filbert brush with a 1cm width, the other end is an angled liner / brow brush just under 0.5cm wide. The Filbert end is made of straight smooth bristles, obviously designed for use with cream or liquid products. It works very well with cream eyeshadows or even to apply eye primer. It is also a popular size and shape for a concealer brush. The angled end has got to be my favourite brush of all these NP Set brushes. It is perfect for applying gel eyeliner. The blade of the brush is crisp enough that it can create a very thin, precise line, and the bristles have just enough give to create the perfect cat-eye flick. As a brow brush however, I’m just not convinced. I prefer a stiffer bristle to wrangle my unruly brows.

Both ends are smooth-bristled, and because of this work much better with a cream or liquid product.

Lip Brush:

20 Lip Brush 21 Lip Brush

A very traditional synthetic lip-brush. The texture of the fibres works well to create a crisp lip-line, and the smooth synthetic bristles work well with cream products like llipstick.


These brushes come packed in an acetate box with flourescent orange backing – very much in keeping with the NP Set branding of California Cool.

The brushes themselves have a white plastic handle, silver-coloured metal ferrules and brown ombre synthetic bristles. These do not feel like luxuriously expensive brushes, however they do not feel shoddy or of poor quality either. The ferrules are crimped to the handles, which I always like to see on my brushes, as it increases their durability, and I have experienced no shedding bristles.

What they say:

Made from ultra-soft, top quality synthetic hair, the NP Set Brush Collection echoes the mantra of getting the look but keeping the change. These easily affordable tools allow you to really master your own makeup statement. The collection includes brilliant-value brush sets, space-saving, double-ended brushes and individual tools.

Available from:

Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, NP Set Concept Stores, Target, Big W and selected retailers.

Prices range from $9.99 to $29.99 per brush.

​A question for you:

In writing this post, I realised I had a lot to say about makeup brushes. Would you, the Makeup Utopia community, be interested in a Makeup Utopia series on Makeup Brushes. Some of the topics we could cover are: Anatomy of a Makeup Brush; Types of brushes and their applications; Proper brush care; Spend vs Splurge quality comparisons.

If this is something you would be interested in, let me know in the comments below – and if you have any questions about brushes or topics you would like me to cover, please ask away.

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