Napoleon Perdis NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

The NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette is a collection of all the products necessary to achieve a contoured face in one handy palette.

The palette comes in the standard NP Set acetate box, and the palette itself is cardboard with a magnetic closure.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 1
NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 2

When you open the palette you are presented with 4 pans of product and a reasonable sized mirror.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 3

From Left to Right the colours are:
NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 4
Off-White and a neutral Medium Brown (both Matte)
NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 5
Warm Deep Rose Pink (Matte) and Palest Rose Pink (Shimmer)


For the most part I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation of this palette. 3 of the 4 products were pigmented enough to require a light touch with the makeup brush.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 6
Swatches top-bottom: Shimmery Highlight; Deep Rose Blush; Medium Brown Contour and (if you can see it) Off-White Highlight.

The medium-brown contour shade has good colour payoff on my skin, and if you are new to contouring, I would recommend using a nice fluffy brush and a light touch to avoid looking dirty or muddy.

The deeper rosy blush also requires a lighter touch, and blended nicely, giving a fairly natural “flushed-cheek” look.

The pale pink shimmer highlight wasn’t glittery or chunky, but rather, provided a lit-from-within glow.

Unfortunately the matte off-white highlight was virtually impossible to see on my skin. I struggled to get any colour payoff at all. This was disappointing, because I appreciate a contouring palette offering a matte highlight (which is quite on-trend for browbones at the moment). I just wish it would show up.

Ease of application:

Another pleasant surprise for me was the texture of these products. All 4 products are very smooth and creamy to the touch, with no grittiness whatsoever. The shimmery highlighter shade is a little crumbly in the pan, but translates beautifully on the skin.


The wear time on the Contour & Highlight Palette is average, if I apply them first thing in the morning, I feel like I need a top-up by about 3-4pm. Having said that, contouring is not really a technique I recommend for most people for day-wear, as it is very easy to stuff up and daylight is unforgiving. The longevity is just right for a night out somewhere special.


The packaging feels functional but not especially beautiful or luxurious.

The positive aspect of the packaging is that the this cardboard has a level of shock-absorbency, so should you drop the palette, hopefully the product would remain intact.

The less positive aspect of this packaging is the magnetic closure. It means that this palette is not exactly handbag friendly, unless it was kept in a separate makeup bag, or secured with an elastic band. My only other complaint about the packaging is the size of the pans and their closeness to each other. Unless you use fairly small brushes, it can be difficult to avoid contaminating the colour you are trying to pick up with the colour immediately next to it.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Although a difficult skill to get right, contouring can add a world of dimension to your face.

Here’s a picture of my with no makeup except foundation.
NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 7
I know, I know, the foundation is too dark and yellow for me – I’m trialling a press sample.

​Here I am a few minutes later. All I have done is add mascara and follow the instructions on the NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette exactly.
NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 8
Instant Cheekbones!
​Please excuse my slack-jawed expression, I am fighting off a cold and can’t breathe through my nose.

Here’s another photo, I added a pop of colour with a super-fun lipstick to finish it off.
NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 9

What they say:

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette 10

Contour, highlight and brighten your skin with this quartet of face-flattering shades. Celeb-worthy bone structure can be yours.

​Step 1: Sweep the contouring bronzer directly underneath the cheekbone and on to the temples with a blush brush.

​Step 2: ​Work the rosy blush onto the apple of the cheeks. Smile – like you mean it! – and blend towards the temples.

​Step 3: ​Apply the pink highlighter above the cheekbone, to the bridge of the nose and the decolletage to capture the light. Blend the three shades together with a powder brush to keep it real.

​Step 4: ​Use the white highlighter on the brow bones, eyelids, inner corner of the eyes, and the centre of the lips for a fuller-looking pout.

​What’s in it for me: ​Shea Butter softens while Jojoba Oil helps moisturise. Vitamins A, C and E provide antioxidant benefits.

Available from:

Target, Big W and Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores.


$29.00 AUD
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