Which Naked Palette should I buy?

11 Naked Palettes

Without a doubt, the question I am asked most frequently when it comes to makeup recommendations is “Which Urban Decay Naked palette should I buy?” I wanted to break it down here as a resource I can refer people to, and to eliminate some of the confusion surrounding the three colour ways.

For the purposes of this post, I will be focusing on the 12 pan Naked eyeshadow palettes. At the time of publication there are 2 6 pan Naked Basics palettes. I currently own Naked Basics 1, and find it to be a highly useful supplementary palette to any of the 12 pan Naked palettes.

Naked 1


Naked 1 is Urban Decay’s bronze-toned neutral eyeshadow palette. I also think it is the most universally flattering. Although it leans warm-toned, it is not overly so, and offers a few eyeshadows to create an overall cooler-toned look.

It contains a good mixture of tints and tones, to allow for a variety of looks, from subtle, work-appropriate and understated looks through to deep, sultry, smouldering smoky eyes. It contain 2 matte shades that work very well to create depth through the crease.

The bronze theme of the palette makes this especially flattering for both blue eyes and warm golden-brown eyes. The slightly warmer feel of the palette makes it work very well for warmer yellow or olive complexions (NC if you think in terms of MAC terminology), althought it is neutral enough to work on cooler complexions as well.

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Naked 2


Naked 2 is Urban Decay’s taupe-toned neutral palette. It can be a little more challenging to use than the first Naked palette because the cooler-toned taupe shades are not as universal. Although these shades can look absolutely stunning on cooler toned skin, they can have a tendency to pull slightly blue or bruised looking on very warm yellow-toned skin.

It contains primarily mid-toned shades with only 2 light shades and 2 deep shades, so it works best for dramatic daytime looks. It contains 2 matte shades – 1 creamy matte yellow (an interesting choice, when this palette works best for pinker skintones) and one soft crease shade.

The taupe theme of the palette makes this most flattering on cooler hazel and grey eyes and the cooler leaning of the palette overall makes it ideal for cooler complexions. It will still work for neutral complexions, but is less suited for very warm yellow-toned complexions.

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Naked 3


Naked 3 is Urban Decay’s rose-toned neutral palette. Like Naked 2, this is less universally flattering than Naked 1, but on the right colouring it can be incredibly beautiful. The rosy pink and plum shades can run the risk of looking a little sore and irritated. To make the most of these eyeshadows, it’s important to make sure that your eyes are crystal clear – try using whitening eye drops, and lining your waterline with a flesh-toned, white, or even eggshell blue liner.

It contains a good mixture of light and mid-toned shades, with 2 darker shades, making it best to create daytime appropriate looks, from the subtle to the dramatic. It contains 3 matte shades – 1 matte highlight, and 2 crease shades, 1 lighter and 1 more dramatic.

The rose theme of the palette makes this absolutely perfect for green eyes, and although it is quite warm toned, it works very well on cooler toned skin. I would avoid using this palette if your skin has very strong pink undertones, or if you suffer from redness or rosacea, as the pink shades will emphasise any pink in your skin.

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Which Naked Palette should I buy 700

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