My Nail Polish Collection

I’ve recently found myself in Spring Cleaning mode (Autumn cleaning? Change of season cleaning?), and found myself reorganising and culling my nail polish collection. I thought you may be interested to see which polishes I decided to keep.

It also occurred to me that many, if not most of these polishes have never been swatched here on Makeup Utopia. If you’re interested in seeing a specific polish swatched and possibly reviewed, let me know in the comments, and I’ll try my best to accommodate all requests.

1 Butter London
Butter London L-R: Lovely Jubbly, Disco Biscuit, Pink Ribbon

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2 Loreal
L’Oreal Paris L-R: 102 Macaron Noisette*, 114 So Chic Fox*, 116 Creamy Angora*, 211 Opulent Pink*, 217 Rose Cashmere*, 613 Blue Reef*, 621 Paris Avenues*, 622 Soft Chinchilla*

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3 Barry M
Barry M L-R: 273 Raspberry, 303 Bright Purple, 304 Mint Green, 310 Mushroom, 314 Nail Effects 109, 315 Nail Effects 115

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4 Illamasqua
Illamasqua L-R: Load, Throb, Vice, Stance*, Swinger*

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5 Mirenesse
Mirenesse L-R: 4. Berry Boa*, 11. Flapper Pash*, 22. Charleston Me*

6 Zoya 1
Zoya L-R: Mimi, Nidhi, Ivanka, Alegra, Charla, Gilda

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7 Zoya 2
Zoya L-R: Jules, Dannii, Dove, Caitlin, Gemma, Marley

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8 Australis 1
Australis L-R: Sinfully Sweet, Emerald Star, Rose Tattoo*, Bombshell*, Blue Tiger*

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9 Australis 2
Australis L-R: Tweet Me*, Milky Way, Fairy Bread, Speck-tacular

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10 Essie 1
Essie L-R: Blanc, Guchi Puchi Muchi, Pink Glove Service, Ballet Slippers, Bobbing for Baubles*, Bangle Jangle*, Size Matters*, Cocktail Bling*, Smooth Sailing, Meet me at Sunset

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11 Essie 2
Essie L-R: Topless & Barefoot, Orange! It’s Obvious*, Navigate Her*

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12 Orly 1
Orly L-R: Royal Velvet, Sweet Peacock*, Sea Gurl*, Pixy Stix, Pixie Dust, Chantilly Peach, Matte Vinyl

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13 Orly 2
Orly L-R: Cosmic Kiss, GoGo, Amp’d, Groupie, Gigababe, Rage

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14 Orly 3
Orly L-R: Hot Stuff, Berry Sweet, unknown-no label, Entourage, Haute Red, Last Dance

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15 Orly 4
Orly L-R: Cha Cha Cha, Life’s a Peach, It’s up to Blue, Limelite, Starry Eyed, Plum Delicious

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16 Hello Darling
Hello, Darling: Paradise, LikeOMG, Klick Blue*, Ice Ice Baby*

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17 MAC
M.A.C L-R: Dark Angel*, Midnight Tryst*, Screaming Bright*, Peachstock*

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18 Essence
Essence L-R: 03 Peach Punk*, 04 Space Queen, 05 Toffee to Go*, 08 Ultimate Pink, 38 Choose Me!, 61 Fame Fatal, unknown-no label

19 Picture Polish
piCture pOlish L-R: Beige, Peaches n’Cream


20 OPI 1
O.P.I L-R: What Wizardry is This?*, Lincoln Park After Dark, Java Mauve-a, Pink-ing of you, Coney Island Cotton Candy, It’s all Greek to Me, I’m not really a Waitress

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21 OPI 2
O.P.I L-R: Black Shatter, Silver Shatter

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22 China Glaze 1
China Glaze L-R: Good Witch?, C-c-courage, Cowardly Lyin’, The Ten Man, Dorothy Who?, Ruby Pumps

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23 China Glaze 2
China Glaze L-R: For Audrey, Reggae to Riches, Caribbean Temptation

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24 China Glaze 3
China Glaze L-R: Haute Metal, Fault Line, Fairy Dust

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25 Stuf
Stuf (Vintage) L-R: 56 Beam, 59 Laser, 60 Illuminate, Owl (UV/Blacklight top coat)

26 Revlon
Revlon (vintage) L-R: Lilac Lingerie, Purple Pleasure

27 Maybelline 1
Maybelline Mini Colorama L-R: 96 Party Blue, 135 Tart*, 150 Fruit Juice*

28 Maybelline 2
Maybelline Color Show L-R: 240 Twilight Rays, 310 Iced Queen, 420 Wine & Dined

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29 BYS
BYS L-R: N02 Black Satin*, N166 Touch Blue Make it True*, N287 Bright Pink, N382 Dahlia Blooms*


30 FOA 1
Face of Australia L-R: Show Off*, Ocean Villa*, Foxy Roxy*, Flaming Lava*, White Gold*


31 FOA 2
Face of Australia L-R: Silver*, Gold*, Bronze*, Amethyst*, Verdigris*, Iron Ore*


32 FOA 3
Face of Australia L-R: Let’s go Scuba Diving*, You Blue Me Away*, I Lie to Mauve It*, Orange You Gald You Came?*, Lemon Sorbet*


33 Tom Ford
Tom Ford: Silver Smoke*


34 American Apparel
American Apparel: Factory Grey

35 Maybelline Pro
Maybelline Salon Expert: WE009

36 Chi Chi
Chi Chi: Glitterazzi

37 Bourjois
Bourjois So Lacque: Rose  Lounge*

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38 Biosculpture
Biosculpture: Opal Glacier*

39 Inglot
Inglot: 808

40 Collection 2000
Collection 2000: Peacock

41 Max Factor
Max Factor: Fantasy Fire

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42 Mecca Cosmetica
Mecca Cosmetica: Virtual Violet

43 Rimmel
Rimmel London: 888 Black Out

44 Spa Ritual
Spa Ritual: Surreal

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45 Nails Inc
Nails Inc: Notting Hill Gate

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46 Color Club
Color Club: Sugar Baby

47 The Face Shop
The Face Shop: YL702

48 CND
CND: Green Scene

49 Manicare
Manicare: French White

50 The Make Up Store
Make Up Store: Grope

51 Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty: Creamy

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52 KleanColor
KleanColor: 131 Silver Lining

53 Random Brand
Chamon Nail Pop: unknown

This is the pile of nail polish I decided not to keep, and will be distributing to friends and family.

If you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! Do you have any of these polishes? Did any catch your eye? Which one would you like to see featured in it’s own post here on Makeup Utopia? Let me know in the comments.

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  • I know this post is old, but I was googling Stuf’s 56 Beam as I also have a bottle and I can’t believe someone else has also held onto theirs too! Isn’t it pretty IRL? Like an oil slick almost.
    Anyway, just a random comment 🙂

  • This post makes me so so happy. It’s just so pretty.

    I’ve always wanted to try Barry M (thanks so much for links – ASOS won’t send Barry M nail polish to Oz) and would love to know what you think of the special effects range.

    I’ve also got Australis Bombshell – it was the perfect summer colour. Waaaaa summer’s over.
    Emma Salkild recently posted…How To Create A BeehiveMy Profile

  • I’m coming to your place for a manicure! Your selection of throwouts is about 10 times more than I own – how do you ever decide what to put on your nails?

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