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This week on M|U loves, I’ve interviewed Miranda from Slashed Beauty. Miranda is a uni student who focusses almost exclusively on budget makeup brands, and her site is a wealth of information. To top it off, she wields a mean (and hilarious) GIF.



Tell me a bit about your blog?

My blog started out as a youtube channel, highlighting budget-friendly cosmetics. I was just starting college and making the transition from buying all my makeup at Sephora to mostly drugstore products. I wanted to share my experiences and highlight affordable products that have high-quality performance. Recently, I’ve expanded my blog to include opinion pieces about the perception of beauty and society’s standards of beauty.

What is your favourite budget makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

My favorite budget makeup brand… that’s hard since I cover affordable brands almost exclusively! I would have to say Revlon, since some of my favorite products come from their collections. My favorite Revlon item would be any of the Lip Butters. They are pimented lippies that are also so moisturizing!

What is your favourite luxe makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

My favorite high end brand has to be Urban Decay. Some of my very first makeup items were from UD, so they have a special place in my heart! My favorite product from Urban Decay would have to be their 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils. They are so creamy and easy to blend.

What is your favourite indie makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

I just discovered BFTE Cosmetics, which started out as an Etsy brand but has grown to become a more well known indie brand. Their mineral eye shadows are all so gorgeous, and the range of shades is extensive- there are like 400 colors to choose from!

What’s your makeup crack? Are you a lipstick lover, a blush junkie, a mascara maven, or is it another product that floats your boat?

Eyeshadow has always been my favorite makeup product to play around with. I love experimenting with colors and manipulating the shape of my eye with a few strokes of the brush!

So, be honest, how many eyeshadows do you own?

Hmmmmm… counting palettes as only “1,” I still have over 100 shadows!

Tell me your best makeup secret, tip or trick.

My best makeup secret is to keep your makeup organized! Your makeup routine will go so much more smoothly and efficiently when you know where everything is.

Everyone has a dirty beauty confession – what’s yours?

I pop my pimples! I know it’s terrible and probably just makes the problem worse, but I can’t just let a blemish be on my skin.

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