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Today for M|U Loves, I’ll be interviewing a wonderful Australian beauty blogger who focuses primarily on nails, and the science behind cosmetics. Her name is Michelle, and her blog is LabMuffin.

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Tell me a bit about your blog?

I write about beauty, especially beauty science. I love explaining how products work, and checking if products actually do what they claim to! It’s so much fun combining my two loves, beauty and science (I have a PhD in chemistry). I also love painting my nails, since I’m not a morning person, and nails can be done late at night.

What is your favourite budget makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

I love Face of Australia – their polishes are always interesting. I also love Models Prefer’s Moisture Lust lipsticks.

What is your favourite luxe makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

I’m really liking Benefit’s Gimme Brow at the moment! The shade is great for black Asian hair.

What is your favourite indie makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

This is hard – Australia has some amazing Australian indie brands! I guess I’ll have to say Gloss ‘n Sparkle because they satisfy both my soy melt and glitter polish addictions.

LabMuffins Beauty Favourites

What’s your makeup crack? Are you a lipstick lover, a blush junkie, a mascara maven, or is it another product that floats your boat?

Nail polish is my main weakness. I’m currently also amassing really embarrassing amounts of lipstick.

So, be honest, how many nail polishes and lipsticks do you own?

I have almost 700 nail polishes, even though I’ve been trying to keep it below 500. I’m too scared to count my lipsticks, but I think I’ve broken 100 now…

Tell me your best makeup secret, tip or trick.

For nail polish – I do them late at night, then use quick dry top coat (Seche Vite is my favourite). It’s dent-proof, so I can go to sleep straight away and they’re completely dry in the morning.

For makeup, I use lots of double-duty and long-lasting products, such as translucent powder (doubles up as dry shampoo in an emergency), lip stain, lip/cuticle balm, BB creams with SPF, contouring powder that doubles as eyeshadow. I also take good care of my skin, which cuts down on the amount of foundation I need and the time it takes to apply it.

Everyone has a dirty beauty confession – what’s yours?

I’m really lazy with washing makeup brushes, so I apply most things with my fingers if I can get away with it! I only buy foundations I can apply with my fingers. Since I wash my fingers multiple times a day, that makes it more hygienic in the long run, right? (That’s my excuse anyway!)


If you like nail art, or a healthy dose of science with your beauty, definitely check out LabMuffin or visit Michelle on social media:

LabMuffin on Facebook | LabMuffin on Twitter | LabMuffin on Instagram

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