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This week on M|U loves, I’m interviewing Clare, one half of the blogging sisters that run george&bear. When I first met Clare, she was running a (now defunct) beauty blog, and since then, she has travelled the world, lived in London, retired a successful blog, started a new, more lifestyle and travel focussed blog, and gotten engaged (and is currently planning her wedding!). I can vouch for the fact that she is a bona-fide beauty junkie, so keep reading for her tips, favourites, and maybe even a dirty secret.


Tell me a bit about your blog?

george&bear is run by Clare in Sydney and Catharine in Melbourne – we’re sisters. It’s a beauty, travel and lifestyle blog which basically means we just write about and take photos of things we’re interested in and share it. Our blog is 100% PR free – we don’t have advertising banners on our site and we don’t accept anything sent from brands or PR agencies. That said, we do regularly review makeup and skincare that we buy ourselves, go on frequent holidays, and tell you where all the cool stuff is.

george&bear beauty favourites

What is your favourite budget makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

Bourjois – I’m quite obsessed with their foundations. For the price, you get amazing quality.

What is your favourite luxe makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

Personally I always thought MAC fell somewhere in the middle – as opposed to something like Tom Ford or Chanel which is clearly high-end. But honestly I have so much MAC stuff that it’s a hard one to ignore. Pro Longwear Foundation is one of my holy grails – but I’ve heard amazing things about the matching concealer and that’s next on my list of things to purchase. And of course their eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks… There’s not a lot of the permanent collection that I don’t own… Oops.

What is your favourite indie makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

Fyrinnae, easily. The shipping and waiting times can be a royal pain, but it’s so worth it. Their loose eyeshadows and blushes are one of a kind. So beautiful.

What’s your makeup crack? Are you a lipstick lover, a blush junkie, a mascara maven, or is it another product that floats your boat?

It’s probably lipstick, which is ridiculous because I don’t regularly wear a lot of it – if I’m running out the door then lipstick is the thing I usually skip. But I am a sucker for a neon pink lipstick. And a red lipstick. And a nude lipstick. And a purple. And a matte. And a gloss. And a shimmer. The list goes on – it’s ridiculous, really.

So, be honest, how many lipsticks do you own?

Let’s put it this way. I tried to do that makeup challenge where you wear 1 lipstick a day until you go through your entire collection, and I lasted about a week before the magnitude of the task dawned on me and I gave up.

Tell me your best makeup secret, tip or trick.

Probably the most obvious one is to use clean brushes and wash them regularly – but I can be a lazy person sometimes so when I need a clean brush, it’s 7am and I’m running late, I take a clean tissue or a towel in a pinch and run my brush over it a few times so any leftover eyeshadow is left on the tissue, and not muddying up my eyeshadow. Instant clean(ish!) brush.

Of course it only works with powder products – never a cream. If I’m stuck with a dirty brush and a burning desire to use a cream blush, then I just use my fingers 😉

Everyone has a dirty beauty confession – what’s yours?

I really hate fake lashes. Not necessarily on other people – I mean hey, if you know what you’re doing then go nuts. But I am really rubbish at applying them, and I hate that glue residue that it leaves on the base of my lashes which seems to take days to get rid of. I can’t help thinking they’re not great for my natural eyelashes, so I avoid them. But almost every Youtube makeup tutorial I see has someone applying them like they’re the easiest thing in the world so I feel like a bad makeup addict for steering clear – but ah well!


Whether you’re looking for beauty inspiration, planning to move to the UK, planning to travel, or just enjoy a good read, george&bear will have something that appeals to you. Visit the website, or say hi on Social Media:

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