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It’s Thursday, and that means it’s M|U Loves! Today I’m introducing you to a wonderful blogger and vlogger who not only reviews lots of gorgeous high-end products, but is a woman after my own heart, creating fantastical cosplay looks. It’s with great pleasure I introduce Celina from Fables in Fashion!

MU Loves Fables in Fashion

Tell me a bit about your blog?

Fables in Fashion is essentially a lifestyle blog, it covers all sorts of topics! Mostly beauty, fashion, cosplay, photography, travel and food. It provides snippets of my day to day life and the things I enjoy and love.

What is your favourite budget makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

It used to be NYX, but right now I’m in love with Maybelline! I feel like the quality is comparable to many high end brands. I’d say Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara would be my favourite product!

What is your favourite luxe makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

This is really tough since I mostly purchase luxe brands, I’m going to have to select one at random and go with Dior! I love their Forever liquid foundation 🙂 Perfect finish and coverage.

What is your favourite indie makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

I’m not sure I use any unfortunately 🙁

What’s your makeup crack? Are you a lipstick lover, a blush junkie, a mascara maven, or is it another product that floats your boat?

Judging by my makeup collection, it seems like mascara is my thing. I wear it almost everyday and go through them like crazy!

Fables in Fashions Favourites

So, be honest, how many mascaras do you own?

I honestly have no idea, it could be anywhere between maybe 20 to 30? I know, I’m horrible! (Editors note: don’t feel too bad Celina – I threw out 42 tubes of open mascara earlier this week!)

Tell me your best makeup secret, tip or trick.

Finishing spray is amazing! I don’t see it used enough or even offered by most makeup lines, but it honestly makes all the difference when it comes to long lasting makeup.

Everyone has a dirty beauty confession – what’s yours?

I don’t wash my brushes as often as I really should… it’s only part of the reason I have so many of them.

If you lust after high-end makeup, or you enjoy fantasy / cosplay makeup looks, then you NEED to have Celina on your radar: follow her at Fables in Fashion, or on social media

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