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Welcome to this week’s edition of M|U loves, and this week I’m focussing on a beautiful fashion blogger, founder of the Aussie Curves challenge and mama to a little boy the same age as my daughter, Danielle from Danimezza.


Tell me a bit about your blog?

I started my blog in 2006 as a reflective space to journal my life, I still use it that way but I’m lucky that I can now call it my full time job. I discuss anything that takes my fancy, fashion, beauty, travel, family, photography as well as confidence and body love issues.

Danimezza's Beauty Favourites

What is your favourite budget makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

Covergirl – Lipperfection Jumbo Gloss Balm I have all the colours.


What is your favourite luxe makeup brand? What is your favourite product from that brand?

Benefit Cosmetics – Porefessional if I had to pick just one.

danimezza avatar neon

What’s your makeup crack? Are you a lipstick lover, a blush junkie, a mascara maven, or is it another product that floats your boat?

In the past I would have easily said mascara was my weakness but now I’m all about lips. I used to get teased for how big my lips were and lipstick only ever highlighted them so I’d avoid it. Now I’ve embraced my fuller pout and realised they look pretty damn fine with all sorts of colours, bolder and glossier the better!

So, be honest, how many lipsticks and lip glosses do you own?

Not as many as I plan on having! My lipstick/liner/gloss/stain collection is just growing and I see bold lips being a lifetime feature. Essentially I’m a make up newbie and I think that’s what my readers love, I’m discovering things alongside them rather than being a guru.

Tell me your best makeup secret, tip or trick.

Practice. Use quality tools. Practice. Take photos of yourself. Practice. Read books and watch tutorials online. Practice. Try new techniques and colours. Practice some more.

Everyone has a dirty beauty confession – what’s yours?

If I have a really busy week time and no time for shellac, I apply clear large glitter nail polish… and layer that sucker on every time I get a chip. No one can really see and with glitter there are no lines. Once I managed to built it up over four weeks before anyone noticed!


If you’re a fan of fashion, particularly if you’re a size 14+, or if you love reading raw, real blogs you should definitely check out Danimezza, or visit Dani on social media.

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