M|U asks you – week 10 2014

MU asks

Your nail polish is chipped. How long can you wear it before you just HAVE to remove it?

I hate hate HATE the look of chipped nail polish on myself. If I have one small chip, I’ll try to disguise it, particularly on a fresh manicure. If I can’t disguise it, my nail polish comes off at the first available opportunity. I’m too OCD to wear chipped polish!

That’s my answer, now I want to know, how long can YOU go wearing chipped nail polish? Let me know in the comments below, or on the Makeup Utopia Facebook page or the Makeup Utopia Google Plus page.

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  • I hate chipping, too. I can sometimes convince myself that other people won’t notice a small chip here or there, and then I leave the color on my nails for another day or two, but more often than not the color comes right off. I used to be more into touching up. So I’d dab polish on the chip, then add another top coat, but that fix never lasts long–usually by the next day it’s re-chipped. I guess that’s why gel polish is so popular these days!

    • I think you’re right Beth, there’s a reason Gel Polish is so popular. I’ve tried to touch up my chipped nails in the past, but it never seems to give me a smooth, even finish, and I end up picking at it. Thanks for commenting!

    • I know that feel. There’s a reason my nails are always different lengths – I can’t seem to leave them alone if they’re dry, textured or chipped.

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