M|U asks you – week 1 2014

MU asks

What is your favourite type of makeup product and why?

This is a ridiculously hard question for me to answer! You might as well ask me to pick my favourite child! Once upon a time I would have said eyeshadow without hesitating, however as I get older, I lean more and more towards lipstick. A great lipstick can be part of a full makeup look, or it can be worn on it’s own without any other makeup. A great lipstick can brighten your face, make you look younger, fresher, more awake and more sophisticated all in a singe swipe.

That’s my answer, now I want to know, what is YOUR favourite type of makeup and why? Let me know in the comments below, or on the Makeup Utopia Facebook page or the Makeup Utopia Google Plus page.

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