Mountains vs Beach – A Makeover Showdown

mountains vs beach

Large image credit: Rhys Pope Photography
Small images credit: @themakeuputopia on Instagram

I LOVE the Mountains. I grew up in the picturesque and famous Blue Mountains of Australia, and moved back there to raise my own children.

I like to think the above pictures reflect what I see in the mountains – the large picture is the beautiful three sisters, just 10 minutes away from my house (image credit: Rhys Pope Photography). The smaller pictures, top to bottom are my backyard, my local park and the view I walk past on my way to work each morning. It’s lush, green and rich in wildlife.

I’m comfortable in the mountains and have gladly worn many of my more “creative” looks (read: teal lipstick or rainbow false eyelashes) out in public without attracting even a second glance.


Sugared-Violet-Makeover-3-600x400 Christmas-Beetle-Eyes-2

Here are just a few of the looks that reflect my “typical” makeup style – note the pale skin and cool-toned colour palettes.

Large image credit:
Small images credit: @themakeuputopia on Instagram

Because I’m currently attending a massive blogging conference on the Gold Coast, I will be spending the next week in an amazing hotel with spectacular views of the stunning Surfers Paradise beach. I thought it was a great opportunity to put myself out of my comfort zone, and try a more traditional “beachy” style of makeup.

Bronzed 2 Bronzed 1

It was a real challenge, not least because my makeup supplied were seriously limited by being away from home.

I resorted to using my regular contouring cream as a bronzer, giving me a sun-kissed glow on the high-points of my face. I used the same product as a lipstick (although I wish it had turned out a little less brown and a little more nude), and used one of my eyeshadow palettes to create a sultry bronzed smoky eye.

Which look do you prefer? Are you a Mountain Wo/Man or a Beach Bunny?

This article is my entry for the ProBlogger Event and Virgin Australia competition.

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