Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon Mascara in Black Lace – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

There are 4 main stand-out aspects of this mascara listed on the website:

Breakthrough Formula
Secret Weapon Mascara amazingly tubes your lashes with our innovative breakthrough polymer formulation allowing you to build breathtakingly beautiful lashes.

Rather than sticking a whole bunch of lashes together in clumps, this formula separates lashes, creating a more defined look.

Easy Water Removal
Want outstandingly long, curly, voluminous lashes? Now you can have it all with easy complete water removal – no more panda eyes!

All I have to do is use my face cleanser and make sure I rub my eyes while washing my face in the shower and this comes right off in one go.

Fragrance FREE
Paraben & Fragrance free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, alcohol free, SLS (soap) free.

I love when there’s nothing harsh in makeup formula because it makes it suitable for my eyes, described below:

Ideal For Sensitive Eyes
Ideal if you have sensitive eyes and is contact lens friendly.

I’ve worn this most days for the last 2 weeks and rubbed my eyes as much as I always have – the big difference is this doesn’t seem to irritate my sensitive eyes as much as other eye makeup products. I actually feel good about wearing this every day.


This is an inky black formula – 100% opaque and matte.

Mirenesse Mascara 1

​Left: Mascara Applied, Right: Natural Lashes – no mascara for comparison

As you can see, on the left eye the lashes are not only much darker, they are more defined and fuller-looking.

Ease of application:

I have low brow bones, so I can’t help but get dots of mascara on my eyelid/brow when I apply any mascara, and this one is no different.

What makes this easier is that it’s water based and therefore water soluble – all I have to do is make sure I grab a cotton bud, wet it and wipe it on the offending area within 3 minutes before the mascara dries. I now have no need to worry about the telltale mistakes of mascara application (TIP: For those with low brow bones/problems aiming, apply mascara before eye shadow so that you can perform the aforementioned fix-ups without ruining your look and having to start again from scratch).


According to the marketing spiel, this mascara is supposed to be “extremely long-wearing” and basically unsmudgeable.

I have, on the whole, found this to be totally true. I have worn this all day, every working day for a fortnight and it lasted without smudging from 6:45 am until washing it off before bed that night (minimum of 14 hours of wear). I even tested its “sleep-proof” claim one weekend and sure enough, I woke up the following morning with great-looking lashes and not panda eyes (no black marks on the pillow, either). I think I washed it off at around midday, making that a good 30-40 hours(!) of straight wear without issues.

​Editors note: EW! Please don’t sleep in mascara!


This mascara is really pretty and quite classy-looking. I’d whip it out in public anytime.

Mirenesse Mascara 2

What should be noted is their “Plastic Fantastic” silicone brush – the wand that is included with the mascara. This wand does the job perfectly. The bristles are stiff and short, which means that mascara doesn’t build up on the brush, preventing clumpy formula and the overloaded eyelashes.

Mirenesse Mascara 3

What they say:

Exclusive break through water based natural formula gives you really full, curly, lush, thick sexy lashes. Extremely long wearing, smear-proof,sweat-proof, smudge proof, sleep-proof, flake-free and water resistant.

Available from:

The Mirenesse Website sells directly, or you can check out their Store Locator for bricks and mortar stores near you.


$45 AUD
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