MeMeMe Cosmetics Liquid Cheek Products – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

​Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint:

Pussy Cat 1 Pussy Cat 2 Pussy Cat 3 Pussy Cat 4

​Beat the Blues Sunbeam:

Beat The Blues 1 Beat the Blues 2 Beat the Blues 3 Beat the Blues 4

Now you’ve seen the hand swatches, here are the face swatches:

Face swatch
This is me with Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint (swatched heavily for the camera) blended into the apple of my cheek, and Beat the Blues Sunbeam highlighting my cheekbone.

Lip Swatch
Me again, this time with Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint on my lips, with a slick of clear gloss over the top, and Beat the Blues Sunbeam highlighting my cupids bow.


​Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint:

This is quite a pigmented cheek stain that needs to be worked with very quickly. I found that if I wasn’t quick enough to blend it in, I ended up with clearly defined stains on my cheeks.

​Beat the Blues Sunbeam:

Although this looks like quite a pigmented product in the hand swatches above, it blends beautifully into my skin. The disco-ball pigmentation in the aforementioned hand-swatches melts away with some careful blending to leave a soft sheen.

Ease of application:

​Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint:

This took a little bit of practice to get the application right. Initially I used the brush provided to dot a small amount of the liquid onto my cheeks, then tried to blend it with my fingers. Unfortunately I couldn’t move fast enough, and this technique ended up in me having clearly defined stains on my cheeks. I found the most successful way to apply this is to dot it onto my fingertips and pat it onto my cheeks. This way it starts with a very subtle flush, and by layering it, can be built up to a deep rosy glow.

​Beat the Blues Sunbeam:

This was very easy to apply. I just used the brush provided to dot a small amount of the illuminator on the high points of my face, then I used my fingertips to pat it into my skin. I didn’t need to use a lot of product to achieve a radiant glow.


Both the Cheek Stain and the Illuminator are very long wearing on the cheeks. I haven’t needed a touch up all day and they are going on 12 hours strong.

On my lips the wear time is significantly shorter. I would estimate that the pinkish hue left my lips after about 5 hours wear.


Both of these products come in a nail polish type bottles. The base is glass, the lid is plastic and is attached to a small brush designed to help you to apply the product. The bottles are appealing in a kitschy sort of way, very simple packaging, with ornate typography to lend a retro girly feel.

My only complaint is the hygiene factor. These are both liquid products with an applicator designed to touch your face then go back into the product. This might be fine if you are the only person who is ever going to be using it, but it makes the Makeup Artist in me shudder. I would recommend using a palette or at least a disinfected hand as a palette when applying these cheek products.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint has a very strong smell and taste of rosewater. No big deal if smells don’t bother you, but if they do I would suggest that you avoid this one. I personally really enjoy it!

What they say:

Pussy Cat Cheek & Lip Tint:

Introduce a suggestion of flirtation to cheek bones and lips with this sexy rouge tint.
Long-lasting wear to create glamour no matter what the occasion.

​Beat the Blues Sunbeam:

Enhance your natural radiance with this iridescent skin illuminator.
Whether it’s a golden glow or a pearly pink sheen you desire, simply dot along brow and cheek bones to highlight and accentuate or mix with foundation for an all over shimmer.

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$13.95 AUD each.
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