M.A.C for We Are Handsome – MBFWA 2012

We Are Handsome 1

“The feature of the make-up is definitely this two-tone lip. We’re acting like we’re painting a wall – we’re putting a base coat down that sets, then we’re going to go over the top of it with these lip creams. So what we’ve used is some pro products called Chromalines, and they’re a cream colour that you can use anywhere on the body and they set water-resistant, so they’re fantastic. We’re putting that down first then putting lipstick over the top to make them even more intense. The whole vibe of the make-up is the polish of a 40s pin-up girl, but this lip is going to bring it a little bit to Gwen Stefani in the 90s. So those two meshed together, but with really amazing polish. The skin is polished, of course, but it’s not dewy, it’s much more mannequin-esque – more classic skin. On the cheeks I’m using a bit of Cream Colour Base, but we kept it to just a fingerprint on the outside of the cheeks. Under the cheekbones, we’re going to bring the face up using Root Cream Colour Base. It’s a really interesting colour that looks great, but it blends into the skin really well to look like shadow. We want it to disappear and create the illusion that the models just have amazing bone structure. We’ve also given the girls a 40s brow by creating a high arch – that’s going to be the main eye make-up,” – Nicole Thompson for M.A.C.

We Are Handsome 2

Products Used:

We Are Handsome face chart


  • M.A.C Fix+
  • M.A.C Studio Moisture Cream
  • M.A.C Face & Body Foundation
  • M.A.C Radiant Rose Highlighter
  • M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream
  • M.A.C Prep + Prime Loose Powder


  • M.A.C Lingering Brow Pencil
  • M.A.C Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow


  • M.A.C Root Cream Color Base
  • M.A.C Extended Play Lash Mascara


  • M.A.C Root Cream Color Base
  • M.A.C Cream Color Base in Luna and Hush

Top Lip:

  • M.A.C Genuine Orange Chromaline
  • M.A.C Cream Color Base in Virgin Isle
  • M.A.C White Lipmix
  • M.A.C Neon Orange Pigment

Bottom Lip:

  • M.A.C Process Magenta Chromaline
  • M.A.C Cream Color Base in Pink Shock
  • M.A.C White Lipmix
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