M.A.C for Manning Cartell – MBFWA 2012

Manning Cartell 1

“The inspiration was Frida Kahlo and a hot Mexican summer – so it’s all about a brow and dewy skin. We’re filling the brow really lightly and making it a little square, and then we’re using an eye gloss mixed in with a pearl M.A.C cream and putting it across the eye, on the cheek bones, ridge of the nose and the bow of the lip – so it’s a bit of a hot, sweaty, dewy finish,” Max May for M.A.C.

Manning Cartell 2

​Images and quote courtesy of Beauty Directory

Products Used:

Manning Cartell face chart



  • M.A.C Face and Body Foundation
  • M.A.C Pearl Cream Colour Base


  • M.A.C Havana Eye Shadow
  • M.A.C Sumptuous Olive Eye Shadow
  • M.A.C Amber Lights Eye Shadow


  • M.A.C Cream D Nude Lipstick
  • M.A.C Dim Lip Erase
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