M.A.C for Jayson Brunsdon – MBFWA 2012

Jayson Brunsdon 1

“Basically the inspiration for Jayson Brunsdon is the one phrase – the lady is a tramp. So we’ve got these amazing, sweaty, sexy girls posed brilliantly around the installation. So we’re just making them look like mannequins that have been sweating, so everything about it is highlighted and creamy and amazing. The face, the brow and the eye is the same on every girl, and then we’ve got five different lip colours to match their personality. Everything is buffed in and really creamy. On the eyes, I’ve actually used a lipstick called Photo Lipstick, and we’ve buffed it around to create this sleepy, sexy eye. And then I’ve used eyeshadow on the corners to give it a bit more shine. The shape of the eye is quite easy and free – we just wanted a halo around the eye. We’ve then taken that same eye colour and pressed it into the cheeks for a natural flush. We’ve added a very light coat of mascara to keep it sexy without taking it too ‘dolly’. We’re going for a softer version of a ’50s brow, so the shape is strong but the colour’s not too dark. Then, with the lips, there are five different colours, but the main thing is that there is a nice defined bow and a super solid, intense colour,” – Nicole Thompson for M.A.C.

Jayson Brunsdon 2

Jayson Brunsdon 3

​The above images and quote courtesy of Beauty Directory

Products Used:

Jayson Brunsdon Face Charts

Jayson Brunsdon Info


  • M.A.C Comfort Creme
  • M.A.C Fix +
  • M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation
  • M.A.C Mineralize Concealer
  • M.A.C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder


  • M.A.C Photo Lipstick
  • M.A.C Twinks Eyeshadow
  • M.A.C Extended Play Lash Mascara
  • M.A.C Shine Mixing Medium (centre of lid)


  • M.A.C Photo Lipstick
  • M.A.C Creme Color Base in Pearl


Depending on model:

  • Cherry Red – Crimson Lipmix
  • Lavender – Rebel Lipstick + White Lipmix
  • Wine – Media Lipstick + Darkside Lipstick with Sketch Eyeshadow to shape
  • Rose – Fusion Pink Lipstick and White Lipmix
  • Magenta – Rebel Lipstick and Violet Lipmix
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