M.A.C for Bless’ed are the Meek – MBFWA 2012

Blessed are the Meek 1

“The whole feel behind the show is ethereal, almost like water nymphs. There’s a lot of Greek aesthetic to the dresses, so we’re really sculpting the girls’ eyes out in a languid socket line, if you imagine those Greek statues that look quite hollow and carved. On the skin we’ve used a pigment called Pink Opal, and we’re polishing the skin with that, then we’ve put a gold highlight through the centre of the face. So it’s all about a play on light, a play on iridescence. This is a different take on a nude lip – it’s less 60s and more like a golden, natural skintone. To create the lip, we used a Pro product called Lip Erase, and the great thing about those are they’re very hydrating, so you get a matte look that’s also hydrated. To take away the brow, we just used some concealer, pushed through with a mascara brush,” – James Molloy for M.A.C.

Blessed are the Meek 2

Blessed are the Meek 3

Photographs and quote courtesy of Beauty Directory.

Products Used:


  • M.A.C Complete Comfort Cream
  • M.A.C Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen
  • M.A.C Radiant Rose Light Boost
  • M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation
  • M.A.C Gold Loose Powder
  • M.A.C Pink Rebel Lustre Drops
  • M.A.C Kitschmas Pigment
  • M.A.C Sculpting Powders – Sculpt
  • M.A.C Innocence Beware Lipstick


  • M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
  • M.A.C Taupe Impeccable Brow Pencil
  • M.A.C Icon Lisptick
  • M.A.C Root Cream Colour Base


  • M.A.C Dim Lip Erase
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