M.A.C for Aurelio Costarella – MBFWA 2012

Aurelio Costarella 1

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“This look has definitely got a gothic element about it. It’s a very rounded, shadowy eye. It’s not about eye shadow, it’s about natural shadow. We’ve used a big brush to wrap the shade right around through the brow. It’s slightly 1920s, with a little bit of sadness to the eye. We’ve started with that, and then we’ve blended together a wasabi-like tone to press onto the lid. Then to finish, we’re taking one of the M.A.C pigments towards the outside of the eye. Skin is really polished, pretty as usual, but then to make it a little bit sweet, I’m taking a creme colour and pressing it right onto the apple of the cheeks. So even though it’s a little bit dark and shadowy, there is still some sweetness about it.” James Molloy for M.A.C.

Aurelio Costarella Beauty Look_0
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Aurelio Costarella 2
​Image property of Makeup Utopia

Products Used:

Aurelio Costarella face chart


  • M.A.C Face + Body Foundation
  • M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
  • M.A.C Pearl Cream Colour Base


  • M.A.C Shadowy Shaping Powder
  • M.A.C Paint Stick in Hi-Def Cyan, Landscape Green and Deep Brown


  • Lip Erase Balm
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