Maybelline Color Sensational The Shine – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

In what I imagine is a response to the recent popularity of lipstick/gloss hybrids, Maybelline NY has launched a new range of lipsticks – Colour Sensational The Shine.

There are 10 lipsticks in the collection and I have included swatches below. All of the swatches were applied straight from the bullet.

Here are my bare lips for reference:

1 Bare Lips

#109 Rosy Dream
2 Rosy Dream 3 Rosy Dream 4 Rosy Dream 5 Rosy Dream 6 Rosy Dream

#140 Juicy Bubblegum
7 Juicy Bubblegum 8 Juicy Bubblegum 9 Juicy Bubblegum 10 Juicy Bubblegum 11 Juicy Bubblegum

#161 Juicy Pink
12 Juicy Pink 13 Juicy Pink 14 Juicy Pink 15 Juicy Pink 16 Juicy Pink

#255 Mauve Diamonds
17 Mauve Diamonds 18 Mauve Diamonds 19 Mauve Diamonds 20 Mauve Diamonds 21 Mauve Diamonds

#330 Sugar Plum
22 Sugar Plum 23 Sugar Plum 24 Sugar Plum 25 Sugar Plum 26 Sugar Plum

#445 Mango Diamonds
27 Mango Diamonds 28 Mango Diamonds 29 Mango Diamonds 30 Mango Diamonds 31 Mango Diamonds

#550 Cherry Candy
32 Cherry Candy 33 Cherry Candy 34 Cherry Candy 35 Cherry Candy 36 Cherry Candy

#602 Beige Rose
37 Beige Rose 38 Beige Rose 39 Beige Rose 40 Beige Rose 41 Beige Rose

#715 Ice Tea
42 Ice Tea 43 Ice Tea 44 Ice Tea 45 Ice Tea 46 Ice Tea

#760 Luminous Cocoa
47 Luminous Cocoa 48 Luminous Cocoa 49 Luminous Cocoa 50 Luminous Cocoa 51 Luminous Cocoa


None of the Colour Sensational The Shine lipsticks are especially pigmented, however they are not really meant to be. They provide more of a tint to the lips than a fully opaque colour in much the same way as any other lipstick/balm/gloss hybrids.

Ease of application:

Due to the light pigmentation, Colour Sensational The Shine lipsticks are very easy to apply. No need to stuff around with a lip brush, just pop these on straight from the tube and you’re ready to go – no muss no fuss!


These lipsticks are not drying on the lips. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t a balm, so they are not especially nourishing either, but my lips don’t dry out when wearing these. One negative side effect of their being so emollient is that they are not especially long wearing. I get about 3-4 hours wear out of the Color Sensational The Shine lipsticks.

On a positive note, most of them are quite sheer, so they are very easy to touch up in public, even without a mirror!


Maybelline NY have redone the packaging on their lipsticks in recent years. Packaging on the Colour Sensational The Shine collection looks sleek and modern, with the shiny chrome bases and the pink holographic caps. This is definitely a tube of lipstick I would be happy to have on display on my dressing table.

Functionally, the packaging does the job. It is much like any other lipstick in a twist-up tube. The lid seals with a satisfying click, but the plastic does feel a little flimsy. I personally wouldn’t chuck this in my handbag because I would be worried the cap would crack.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Colour Sensational The Shine lipsticks are quite strongly scented. It’s a fresh fruity scent that I find quite pleasant, but if you are sensitive to such things, it may irritate you.

What they say:

It’s Time to Shine with Colour Sensational The Shine Lip Color.

​Fall in love with mirror-reflective shine as Maybelline NY is bringing sexy back with new Color Sensational The Shine lip color. Super shine like a gloss but all the benefits of a lipcolor, new Maybelline NY Color Sensational The Shine Lip Color offers a honey infused, lightweight formula that nourishes lips while providing the most ultra-fresh, waterlike shine. Reflect your way through SS12 with any one, two or more of the 10 shades: Rosy Dream, Juicy Bubblegum, Juicy Pink, Mauve Diamonds, Sugar Plum, Mango Diamonds, Cherry Candy, Beige Rose, Ice Tean and Luminous Cocoa.

Keep and eye out for the translucent yet mirror-reflective pink case.

Available from:

Supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.


$16.95 AUD
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