Maybelline Color Tattoo – Review, Photos, Swatches

In 2012, Maybelline launched what I believe to be the stand-out product in their entire line, a cream shadow called Color Tattoo.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 1

Maybelline Color Tattoo 2

Available in Australia in a range of 10 shades (with an additional 4 shades in the “Metal” range), and even more shades available in the US, these long-wearing cream shadows can be worn alone or as an eyeshadow base, and give high-end, professional quality brands a run for their money.

I have 7 of the shades currently available in Australia to show you today, and I’ll update this post as I get the other shades.

Too Cool:

Too Cool 1

Too Cool 2

Too Cool 3

Too Cool is a pearlescent white that can be blended out to create a beautiful sheen over the skin, or built up for more of an opaque icy finish. Try using this shade as a complexion highlighter as well as on your eyes.

Fierce & Tangy:

Fierce and Tangy 1

Fierce and Tangy 2

Fierce and Tangy 3

Fierce & Tangy is one of only 2 matte shades currently available in Australia. It’s a vibrant, warm orange. Don’t be put off by it’s in-your-face appearance, it makes a surprisingly pretty and wearable base for a neutral eye.

Audacious Asphalt:

Audacious Asphalt 1

Audacious Asphalt 2

Audacious Asphalt 3

Audacious Asphalt is probably the deepest shade currently available in Australia, and is a metallic finish the colour of wet cement. It makes a great base for a smoky eye, and when built up, can be a great smoky eye all on it’s own.

Painted Purple:

Painted Purple 1

Painted Purple 2

Painted Purple 3

Another of the more in-your-face shades in the range, Painted Purple is a vibrant,regal purple. If you’re not keen on rocking a bright purple eye, try using this as the base for a dark smoky eye. The purple base creates a beautiful depth and complexity to a grey smoky eye.

Bad to the Bronze:

Bad to the Bronze 1

Bad to the Bronze 2

Bad to the Bronze 3

By far my most worn shade in the range, Bad to the Bronze is a ridiculously pretty soft golden bronze. It is my go-to eye product when I’m in a rush – I can just swipe it across my eyelid with my finger, and I’m good to go. It also makes an incredible, long-wearing base to any neutral eye look.

Tough as Taupe:

Tough as Taupe 1

Tough as Taupe 2

Tough as taupe 3

Touge as Taupe is the only other matte shade in the Australian range of Color Tattoo. It’s a dirty mushroom colour that makes a great base for a daytime smoky eye. I find this particular shade works best when layered, as it has creased on me when worn alone.

Edgy Emerald:

Edgy Emerald 1

Edgy Emerald 2

Edgy Emerald 3

Edgy Emerald is a very pretty metallic emerald green. If you’re not a fan of bright colour, you could use this as a base for a smoky eye, but my favourite way to use this shade is as a gel eyeliner, paired with a pink or copper eye. The contrast is so pretty, and really brings out the green in my eyes.

Ease of Application

With the exception of the shade “Painted Purple”, these are incredibly easy to apply – you can choose to use a finger, or a dense domed brush to get the best results for a smoky style eye, or a fine brush to use them as an eyeliner. Due to a patchy application, “Painted Purple” is a little trickier to work with.


In my experience, the shades with a bit of sparkle to them wear extremely well, not creasing, even when worn without primer on my eyes (almost unheard of!). The 2 matte shades do tend to crease on me after 2-3 hours when worn alone, but they both make an excellent base for powder eyeshadow, extending the wear time significantly.


For a drugstore-branded product, these are packaged in a surprisingly hefty glass (acetate?) jar. They feel significantly more expensive than their humble price-tag.

Available from

Priceline AU 

Target US

Boots UK


$11.95AUD; $5.99USD; 4.99GBP

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