Makeup for Black & White Photography – May 2011 FOTD Challenge Day 21

Black and White 1

Today’s FOTD was a special request from Clare, and as soon as she suggested it, I knew it would be a cracker. Black and White photography can leave your face looking very flat and dull, so it is very important to focus on contouring. In this photo, I have contoured my cheekbones, my eyes, and my lips. It is a reasonably natural, yet still defined look.

Something interesting to think about when you are selecting your makeup products for Black and White photography is that the colour is irrelevant. It is more important to consider the tone of the makeup you are using. If you are not sure what this means, it is the darkness or lightness of the product. This can be a bit tricky to judge by eye, unless you are very sure what you are looking for, and brighter colours can often be misleading. If you photograph your makeup in black and white, it can give you a great indication of what is going to work in Black and White photography.

To demonstrate this point, I am going to show you the photo from above, but before I converted it to Black and White. Please note, both photos are completely unedited, except for converting the top picture to Black and White.

Black and White 2

Don’t I look pretty in colour!

Another couple, just for fun

Black and White 3

Black and White 4

The products used for this look are really irrelevant, the point is that for B&W photography, it’s more about tone than colour. I hope you enjoyed this particular FOTD as much as I did. I think it is my favourite so far!

Would you adjust your makeup routine for a Black and White Photography session?

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