MAC Warm Neutral Palette – Review, Photos, Swatches

It started with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.Once considered the realm of “boring” and “practical”, a carefully curated selection of neutral toned eyeshadows has never been hotter than right now. There are countless neutral eyeshadow palettes on the market (and I think I own at least half of them!) Welcome to The Neutral Palette Diaries, the weekly series where I swatch the neutral palettes in my collection.

MAC Warm Neutral Palette

The Warm Neutral Palette by MAC is a collection of 15 eyeshadows; some limited edition, some permanent; that are designed to flatter warmer skin tones. Unlike the MAC Cool Neutral Palette, this palette stays true to it’s name, offering a selection of overtly warm undertones in the included shadows.

The eyeshadows in this palette all work very well together, however unlike the Cool Neutral Palette, there does not seem to be a clearly defined colour story for each row of shadows. It appears to be more of a “choose your own adventure” style palette, where all the shadows could work very well together.

Top Row:


1 Hey Pan

Hey: Veluxe Pearl Finish.

Hey is a pale beige with pink undertones and a metallic finish. It is nicely pigmented, with a slightly dry but still relatively silky texture.

1 Hey Swatch

Warm Breeze:

2 Warm Breeze Pan

Warm Breeze: Satin Finish.

Warm Breeze is a very pale yellow-peach with a subtle satin finish that is almost matte. I found it to be quite sheer and slightly powdery.

2 Warm Breeze Swatch


3 Gingersnap Pan

Gingersnap: Frost finish.

Gingersnap is a mid-toned brick red with a high shine metallic finish. It has solid pigmentation and feels quite creamy in the pan.

3 Gingersnap Swatch

Dark Brew:

4 Dark Brew Pan

Dark Brew: Velvet finish.

Dark Brew is an amazing chocolate brown matte shadow with the subtlest of pink microshimmer running through it. The pigmentation of this shade is quite remarkable, and it feels soft and velvety.

4 Dark Brew Swatch

Dance in the Dark:

5 Dance in the Dark Pan

Dance in the Dark: Matte finish.

Dance in the Dark is a black-brown with grey undertones and a flat matte finish. The pigmentation is quite terrible, and it was very patchy on application. I had to really work to achieve the level of pigmentation shown in the swatch below. Mine could just be a dud shadow, as I have not seen bad reviews of this shade anywhere else.

5 Dance in the Dark Swatch

Middle Row:


6 Brule Pan

Brule: Satin finish.

Brule is a very pale beige that almost exactly matches my skin tone. It is smooth and creamy in the pan, and has a satin finish that emulates a natural skin texture.

6 Brule Swatch

Vanilla Extract:

7 Vanilla Extract Pan

Vanilla Extract: Frost finish.

Vanilla Extract is a pale reflective gold that catches the light without being overpowering. It is quite a soft shadow with medium pigmentation.

7 Vanilla Extract Swatch

Honey Lust:

8 Honey Lust Pan

Honey Lust: Lustre finish.

Honey Lust is a pinky bronze shade with lots of sparkle. It is a lustre eyeshadow, and true to form, it does not perform particularly well. It feels chunky in the pan, and applies with noticeable chunks of glitter. It is very prone to fall out, not just on application, but throughout the duration of wear.

8 Honey Lust Swatch

Amber Lights:

9 Amber Lights Pan

Amber Lights: Frost finish.

Amber Lights is everything I hoped Honey Lust would be. It is a rich golden copper shade with a smooth metallic finish. It is highly pigmented, and applies like butter.

9 Amber Lights Swatch


10 Saddle Pan

Saddle: Matte finish.

Saddle is a warm mid-toned chocolate brown with a very matte finish. It is smooth and silky (although a little soft) in the pan, and has great pigmentation.

10 Saddle Swatch

Bottom Row:

Lemon Tart:

11 Lemon Tart Pan

Lemon Tart: Veluxe Pearl finish.

Lemon Tart is a pale frosty lemon colour that translates to white gold on my skin. It feels smooth and creamy and has medium pigmentation.

11 Lemon Tart Swatch

Creative Copper:

12 Creative Copper Pan

Creative Copper: Lustre finish.

Creative Copper is a slightly less pigmented, slightly less red version of Amber Lights. It is slightly glittery, but the glitter seems to adhere well to the skin, and it is fairly smooth and easy to apply.

12 Creative Copper Swatch


13 Butterfudge Pan

Butterfudge: Satin finish.

Butterfudge is a medium beige-brown with an understated skin-like sheen. It has light to medium pigmentation, and feels reasonably smooth.

13 Butterfudge Swatch

Divine Decadence:

14 Divine Decadence Pan

Divine Decadence: Velvet finish.

Divine Decadence is a rich metallic brown, lightly sprinkled with micro glitter. Although it is quite an intense eyeshadow that feels smooth and creamy, and has great pigmentation, it does not live up to the formula of Dark Brew, the other velvet eyeshadow in this palette.

14 Divine Decadence Swatch


15 Unwind Pan

Unwind: Veluxe Pearl finish.

Unwind is a dark olive green-gold with a reflective metallic finish and medium pigmentation.

15 Unwind Swatch

Overall the MAC Warm Neutral palette is a mixed bag of eyeshadows, with some dead-set knockout formulas, like Dark Brew, Amber Lights and Saddle, as well as some disappointing shades like Dance in the Dark and Honey Lust.

The warm tones in this palette will work incredibly well on darker, warmer skin tones, and are just perfectly designed to make the most of green or blue eyes. I’ll be adding this palette to my bridal kit, and I imagine it will get a lot of use for weddings during the summer months.

Warm Neutral Palette MAC

Price: $250AUD, $100USD, 65GBP Available from MAC Pro stores and online:

This palette was purchased by Makeup Utopia.

Let me know in the comments if there is a specific neutral palette you would like to see me review and swatch.

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