M.A.C Mineralize Moisture Foundation – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation

At the end of February, M.A.C deleted their old Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation to make way for a new and exciting liquid Mineralize Foundation. The foundation is M.A.C Mineralize Moisture Foundation, and I’ll be taking a closer look at it today.


M.A.C describes this foundation as offering light to medium coverage and I would have to agree.

MAC Mineralize Moisture Hand Swatch 1

MAC Mineralize Moisture Hand Swatch 2

When I just start to blend the product out on the back of my hand, you can see that is offers a level of sheerness that is designed to even out your skin tone without disguising your skin.

MAC Mineralise Moisture Hand Swatch 3

When it’s fully worked into my skin, my skin tone appears to be more even, however my freckles and veins are still very visible.

Please excuse the quality of the face swatches – my camera freaked out while I was shooting today.

Bare Face
This is me with not a shred of makeup on my face.

MAC Mineralize Moisture Face Swatch
Here I have applied M.A.C Mineralize Moisture Foundation and nothing else. My skintone is much more even, but my freckles are still visible.

Face made up 1
Here I have a full face of makeup (unpowdered – nothing to offer any additional coverage).

The M.A.C Mineralize Moisture Foundation is somewhat buildable, but certainly not to full coverage. I would suggest that it would be a struggle to build more than 2 layers of this foundation.

Ease of application:

This foundation is an absolute dream to apply. M.A.C recommends their 130 Duo Fibre Brush to apply this (incidentally one of my ALL TIME favourite foundation brushes) but I really enjoy applying it with my hands. M.A.C Mineralize Moisture Foundation really seems to melt into my skin, leaving no streaks, no patches of pigment and no evidence that I am wearing a foundation.


The longevity of this foundation is the only thing I would change, if I could. When I wear M.A.C Mineralize Foundation, It looks beautiful on my skin for around 6 hours. After this time it just seems to disappear completely.

I have been able to combat this issue by powdering my foundation, however this does mattify my face, which seems silly on such a beautiful dewy foundation.


MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation

The packaging of this foundation is both semi-practical and very classy. The base is a frosted glass bottle, which has a beautiful wight to it, and really does make this feel like a premium product. The only disadvantage? It’s both breakable and heavy, so not MUA kit-friendly. I was, however, very pleased to see that it comes with a pump that dispenses just the right amount of product in a hygienic and mess free way.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

I adore the finish of this foundation. It leaves my skin looking dewy but not sweaty – more of a balmy, waxy finish.

Face made up 2

Just a note for the oily skinned girls out there, this may not be the best finish for you. If you have dry sking though, I highly recommend you give it a try, I think it is going to reach HG status for a lot of dry skinned people.

What they say:

An innovative, gorgeous new formula, full of extraordinary benefits. Its lightweight lush texture feeds skin instantly with mineral-rich nourishing hydration, all day long. The uniquely creamy fluid, ideal for dry skin, blends beautifully, providing light-to-medium buildable coverage. Features our 77-Mineral Complex including Shea Butter, emollients and conditioning extracts to keep the face soft and supple

Available from:

Nordstrom (ships Internationally)


$33.00 USD; $49.00 AUD
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