M.A.C Fashion Set in Peachstock – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

In each region around the world M.A.C has taken their top 7 selling shades of lip product, and created a “fashion set” for each. Each “fashion set” contains a lipstick, a lipglass, and a nail polish.

For the Asia-Pacific region, the colours are Ravishing (a clean, light, peachy coral (cremesheen)), Razzledazzler (creamy light coral(lustre)), Angel (soft pink (frost)), Saint Germain (clean pastel pink (amplified)), Morange (loudmouth orange (amplified?)), Impassioned (amped-up fuchsia (amplified creme)), and Peachstock (neutral peach (satin)).

Today I’ll be taking a look at the M.A.C Fashion Set in Peachstock.

Peachstock Fashion Set Products


Because this review covers three different product types, I’ll be breaking this down by individual product.

​Peachstock Lipstick:

Peachstock Lipstick Swatch 1 Peachstock Lipstick Swatch 2

Peachstock Lipstick is a relatively neutral pale peach, although on my lips it does lean a little yellow. It offers a decent level of opacity, and the hand swatches above were done with 2 swipes of the bullet.

Peachstock Lipstick Lip Swatch 1 Peachstock Lipstick Lip Swatch 2

Unlike many nude-ish lipsticks, Peachstock tends not to settle too badly into the lines on my lips, although it can be prone to grabbing on any dry patches on my lips.

​Peachstock Lipglass:

Peachstock Lipglass Swatch 1 Peachstock Lipglass Swatch 2

Peachstock Lipglass is quite sheer, and offers little more than a tint of colour to my lips when I wear it.

Peachstock Lipglass Lip Swatch 1 Peachstock Lipglass Lip Swatch 2

I found that I have to be very careful to apply this in the thinnest of thin layers on my lips, because it doesn’t build-up well, and I do start to get colour pooling in the fine lines of my lips.

​Peachstock Nail Polish:

Peachstock Nail Polish Swatch

Peachstock Nail Polish is very sheer and a little patchy on the first coat. I found the best way to achieve full opacity with this polish was to apply 2-3 relatively thick coats of polish, allowing plenty of time to dry in-between coats. When I applied this in thin coats it pulled and had bald patches right up until the 5th coat.

Peachstock Nail Polish Nail Swatch

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Because this set is designed to be worn together, and all three products are supposed to be the same shade, I thought it could be useful to have side-by-side swatches:

Peachstock Swatch Shade Comparison 1 Peachstock Swatch Shade Comparison 2
​L-R: Peachstock Nail Polish; Peachstock Lipstick; Peachstock Lipglass.

​In these swatches (and in real life) I found that the lipstick was a more pinky-peach shade, while the nail polish and lipglass were more of a beige-peach.

Peachstock Fashion Set Products Swatched
​Here’s my Dr. Evil impersonation.

​Once the lip products are layered, they seem to match the nail polish almost perfectly.

Peachstock Full Face Swatch
​Wearing MAC Studio Fix Powder, Bobbi Brown Long-wear Mascara, MAC Peachstock Lipstick and MAC Peachstock Lipglass.

What they say:

fashionsetsRebel in New York, Saint Germain in Seoul, Morange in Paris, Russian Red in Dubai – the must-have lip shades that M·A·C fans around the world reach for, and fall in love with, over and over again. Colours so globally gorgeous we worked them into 3-piece collections of go-everywhere Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer trios in 7 classic palettes that are perfectly coordinated and regionally inspired.

Wherever you are, tip and lip the scale in your fashion favour.

M·A·C Fashion Sets features the best selling and your cult favorite M·A·C shades from around the world.

My verdict:

I like the idea of offering sets of matching lip and nail products, it appeals to my love of the 50’s, and I think it can convey a true sense of class and pride in your appearance. My pick of the colours on offer would have to be Impassioned, the striking Amped-up Fuchsia.

Available from:

MAC counters, MAC Pro stores and online.


Full Set – $93.00 AUD; Lipsticks – $36.00 AUD; Lipglass – $35.00 AUD; Nail Polish – $22.00 AUD
This product was provided for editorial consideration. Makeup Utopia has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has received no remuneration for posting this review. All opinions are those of the author.
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