Luminail UV Nail System (DIY Gel Polish)

Product Breakdown:

This is a full system designed to give a very long-lasting and chip-resistant manicure that you could previously only get in professional salons, now conveniently in your own home.


I have tried both the “Peruvian Purple” and “Parisian Pink” from the the LUMINail range, although the purple was a bit of a disaster, being my first try, so I haven’t included pictures… Peruvian Purple is a classic purple – a great winter colour. Parisian Pink is subtle and pretty – it’s a pale shade with a lovely pearlescent shimmer through it. From afar it can appear to be a pale nude/flesh tone. This is a favourite for me!

Parisian Pink in shade natural light resized

In the shade but naturally lit.

Parisian Pink in direct sunlight resized

In direct sunlight.

Ease of application:

There is no denying that there is a lot of time required for the application process.

Here’s a walk-through:

  1. Clean off the nails with the 3-in-1 cleanser for nails (running total: 5 mins)
  2. Apply base coat to left hand and cure under the LED for 2 mins. Repeat for right hand and thumbs (running total: 9 mins)
  3. Apply your chosen UV nail colour to left hand and cure for 4 mins. Repeat for right hand and thumbs (running total: 21 mins)
  4. Apply 2nd coat to left hand, right hand and thumbs, curing for another 4 mins each (running total: 33 mins)
  5. Apply top coat to right hand and cure for 5 mins, repeating for left hand and thumbs (running total: 48 mins)
  6. Remove the tacky layer left by the top coat with a cotton ball soaked in 3-in1 cleanser (running total: 52 mins)

Accounting for application time, this could get to be well over an hour spent on a manicure.  Probably not so ideal for parents as suggested but perfect for someone like me who can paint distraction-free!

It’s important to point out that the formula is fairly thick and self-settles nice and evenly, so even though it may appear to go on looking oddly watery, it all sorts out under the LED light.


Long story short: this stuff has stuck on my fingernails through washing up, hand laundering, keyboard bashing, filing papers and cooking for 10 days (probably would have gone longer but I wanted to test the removal process before posting) without so much as a chip.

One note though – I’m a self-confessed messy manicurist. This can be a problem when trying to keep polish on my nails because when I wash my hair, strands will work their way under splodges of polish on my cuticles, loosening the polish and causing it to peel.

If you’re like me, then I suggest going over the cuticles and tidying the polish with a cotton bud before curing under the UV light (I tried to tidy up after I was completely done – it’s too late to fix it after the polish has cured, so before is better) so it’s nice and tidy, with no splodgy, catchy bits. You’ll get better mileage out of the polish that way.


luminail pinter etsy

In the pack that I received for my free trial, the following was included:

  • The LED light
  • Base coat and Top coat
  • 6 LUMINail colours (red, pink, coral, nude, purple, blue)
  • Pedicure Kit
  • 2 emery boards (not for filing the nails but to use in the removal process – more on this later)
  • Nail buffing board
  • Informational DVD
  • Instruction pamphlet
  • 3-in-1 nail cleanser
  • UV Nail Polish Remover

All of it was appropriately packaged with bubble wrap to protect all of the implements included. It fit neatly into a package that was not very big – it would probably weigh in at around 2kg. I was able to carry it home on my peak hour train without any hassle.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

What I should mention is how the removal process feels – it can be a little uncomfortable. The basic run-down is:

  1. Use the emery board provided to break the surface of the top coat on your nail (do not file all the polish off this way, just gently coarsen the surface so that the Nail Polish Remover can penetrate the polish properly in the next step).
  2. Soak 10 cotton pads with UV Nail Polish Remover and wrap these around each of your nails with some aluminium foil holding them in place (the idea is for the foil to retain body heat, aiding in the desired reaction between the polish and the remover).
  3. Leave for about 10 mins.
  4. Remove the cotton pads and use the orangewood stick provided to peel of the nail polish that remains.

The thing that is slightly uncomfortable is the waiting while the cotton pads and aluminium foil do their thing. It can feel a little like it’s burning your skin. I was concerned that I was going to have a rash when I removed the cotton pads but my skin was fine and after I washed off my hands, the burning sensation stopped.

Something else I was concerned about was the fact that I was holding my hands under a light that has UV in it – I asked the customer service rep about it and she informed me that the LED light is 1.5 watts, which is so minimal that it is considered safe.

I love the way this protects and strengthens my nails, – I didn’t have a single split or breakage (I have very brittle nails so this is quite the achievement) for the whole time I wore the polish. I also am pleased that it’s not tested on animals (it’s always exciting for me to see really progressive, easily accessed products out there that don’t test on animals!)


This weekend, I whipped out the system for the third time since I purchased it (I’ve had the system for a total of 1 1/2 months) and made a nasty discovery: the nail polish had completely hardened over the bristles of the nail brushes, making it impossible to use them. The polishes (base coat, top coat and Parisian Pink) looked very similar to stalactites.

I managed to break off the solidified nail polish (the polish taking some of the bristles with it) and had another go at application. What I found the most shocking was that the nail polish was hardening over the nail brushesas I was using them! I had to break off more and more newly solidified polish in 5 minute blocks of time as I was applying!

Stay tuned to see how I go with customer service on this issue!

What they say:

How does LUMINail last longer than the most expensive designer polish or salon manicure? It’s because LUMINAil is a breakthrough in beauty science with a gel-like interlocking polymer formula that, once activated under the NEW Blue LED light forms an impenetrable shell.

Pick it, bump it, scratch it ! Do what you like with your nails! You’ll find that LUMINail is a nail miracle with the staying power of a gel BUT with the high gloss mirror finish of the most beautiful designer manicure that just won’t be beaten.

And the best part? It’s also impossible to mess up the application so you don’t need to waste time at a salon. LUMINail remains wet whilst being painted so it spreads easily into place. Only when it is put under the LED light technology, does it harden to an impenetrable shell. A flawless, thin veneer of perfection!

My verdict:

Totally worth it if you’ve got the time and are able to sit down and just do your nails for over an hour (but then that’s it for 2 weeks!)

Available from:

The LUMINail website or by calling 1300 647 732.


$189.99 UD
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