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Poppy King is well known in Australia and worldwide as the Queen of Lipstick, a title she earned over 20 years ago when she started a cosmetics company at age 18. Lipstick Queen is the current iteration of her cosmetics brand.


Having heard great things about Lipstick Queen lipsticks, across both local and international blogs, I ordered the Lipstick Queen Discovery Kit to give me a taste of how these lipsticks perform.


The Lipstick Queen Discovery Kit contains 3 lipsticks in “some of Lipstick Queen’s finest textures and shades”.


This carefully curated kit contains Medieval, described as a universal red lip stain; Saint Nude, part of the Saints collection, and described as “the ultimate go-to for understated chic”; and Trance, part of the Butterfly Ball collection and described as “sheer raspberry pink with a subtle turquoise iridescence”.




“Medieval is the red that flatters all complexions. Impossible to detect as anything other than a sensual melancholic hue.” – Poppy King


Medieval in the tube looks to be a bright vampy red, but when swatched or applied, it is clear that this lipstick is much more of a sheer tint, providing a wash of colour over your lips.


This formula is very hydrating, and the Lipstick Queen website advises me that this is because it contains only Vitamin E and pigment. It is also completely scent-free.


When I apply Medieval to my (naturally colourless, corpse-style) lips, it gives me a wash of the most natural-looking, pretty red that could have come from a passionate make-out session, and a hint of gloss that isn’t too shiny or over the top.


Lipstick Queen Medieval is presented in a beautiful red/burgundy brushed metal tube, and contains 3.5g of product.

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Saint Nude:


“Light up your whole face not to mention your spirit! These colors are a good mood in a tube!” – Poppy King


Saint Nude is part of the Saints line of Lipstick Queen lipsticks, containing only 10% pigment for a sheer wash of colour. In the tube it looks like quite a dull milk chocolate shade, however, when swatched or applied to my lips, it has a hint of pink that keeps it from looking too brown.


The formula of Saint Nude is less hydrating than Medieval, and when applied, it dries down to more of a matte finish. It is still quite comfortable and non-drying, but does not offer the same comforting hydration I experienced with Medieval. It is also completely scent free.


On my lips, Saint Nude is a very wearable, rosy neutral. It’s not a nude that will wash you out or give you corpse-face, but it is a good solid neutral lip.


Saint Nude (and, I believe, all the Saints lipsticks) is presented in a golden yellow brushed metal tube, and contains 3.5g of product.

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“The butterfly wing has to be one of the most beautiful effects in the world and although I would never lay claim on what Mother Nature does, I created Butterfly Ball in her honor.” – Poppy King


Trance is part of the Butterfly Ball line of lipsticks, designed to offer a sheer wash of colour with a flash of blue iridescence. Trance is a sheer raspberry pink with a barely perceptible blue duochrome running through it.


The formula of Trance is comparable to Medieval, in that it feels hydrating and nourishing on my lips, and fortunately, despite the shimmer running through it, there is no discernible grittiness. It is also completely scent free.


On my lips, Trance is a very pretty candy pink. The blue duochrome is incredibly subtle, but does serve to make my teeth look a little whiter and brighter.


Trance is presented in a purple/grey brushed metal tube, and contains 3.8g of product.

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