Lime Crime Carousel Glossy Lipstick

Carousel Lipgloss 1

Lime Crime’s Carousel Glossy Lipsticks are too cute for words – they’re the sort of makeup that I buy just because it looks pretty on my dresser.

Carousel Lipgloss 2

The formula is very thick and sticky, and jam packed full of glitter. Great for longevity and a lasting shine on your lips, not so good if you have your hair out on a windy day.

Candy Apple

is a gorgeous bright red liquid lipstick with plenty of red micro-glitter.

Candy Apple Lip Swatch 1

Candy Apple Lip Swatch 2


is a clear, sticky gloss jam-packed with holographic micro-glitter.

Snowsicle Lip Swatch 1

Snowsicle Lip Swatch 2

You can pick up Lime Crime Carousel Glossy Lipsticks from Lime Crime in the US, or from Makeupnet in Australia.

These products were purchased by Makeup Utopia.


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